How's That Glenn Beck Boycott Thingy Working Out?

I had to drive my four year old to art camp this morning. On the way home, I decided to indoctrinate my 18 month old and flipped over to Glenn Beck on XM.I began to wonder if Beck was still on Fox.I am typically in the car driving to Atlanta during the 5pm hour or I’m at City Council, so I don’t know (sorry Glenn, there’s no room on the TiVo what with the Backyardigans, Tom & Jerry, The Batman, and Army Wives (blech)).The left, if you listen to the bluster, has had a pretty impressive boycott going designed to impact Fox’s revenue stream so much they have no choice but to boot Beck.Surely it has worked. It’s been going on for what seems like an eternity. They’ve made sure everyone has known how successful they’ve been at getting Verizon to stop advertising during that hour — an hour Verizon says it never advertised on anyway, etc.What? What’s that you say? He’s still on the air?How’d that happen?What’s that you say? His ratings are huge, you say? (Yeah, over a million people, which is down from 3 million, but still significant for the 5pm slot)Oh, well I guess that explains it. So much for that boycott.




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