I’ve gotten phone calls from this number for three solid weeks and every time I say hello the call disconnects. It sounds like one of those systems where it calls out to a bunch of numbers at once and then only connects enough people who answer to live operators, disconnecting all those who answer but can’t immediately be routed to a live operator.Third time today that I answered the calI I connected directly to a live operator. It was someone calling raising money for Marco Rubio, but very clearly was not related to Marco Rubio directly.The operator said he was raising money for thirtysomething Senate races and wanted to talk to me about Marco Rubio. He asked for money and his sales pitch was that Marco was endorsed by the most conservative Senator in the Senate, Jim DeMint.I asked the Rubio camp about it — the calls are annoying and repetitive. They knew nothing about it. No clue which group it is, including whether or not it is the NRSC, but the repeated phone calling and disconnecting (assuming it is the same group calling) is doing more harm than good.A friend says the same thing has been happening to him with the same number, the same hang ups, and finally a sales pitch for a Republican candidate. This is not helpful.



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