Didn't They Do This For Specter and Crist Too?

Remember, John Cornyn said the NRSC had learned its lesson.Remember, John Cornyn said the NRSC would now stay out of primaries.Why then is the Wall Street Journal reporting John Cornyn is off to Colorado to campaign with Jane Norton?First, it is a recognition that Ken Buck‘s campaign is ahead of the NRSC’s chosen campaign.Second, it is a recognition that the NRSC has the integrity of Charlie Crist and Arlen Specter, both of whom the NRSC supported.The NRSC lost Nevada to Sharron Angle and immediately certain Republican staffers mumbled to the press that Nevada was a goner. When Crist jumped from the Republican Party, some Republican staffers moaned that Florida was gone too. They did the same with Kentucky.Ken Buck leads Jane Norton, Sharron Angle leads Harry Reid, Rand Paul leads that guy in Kentucky, and Marco Rubio is winning in Florida.Oh, but the NRSC’s Mark Kirk is floundering behind a mobster in Illinois. Bob Bennett is headed to the ash heap of history along with Arlen Specter. Let’s not mention the NRSC’s candidate in California.Folks, conservatives must make a stand in Colorado and we must stand with Ken Buck. Jane Norton’s campaign is relentlessly attacking Ken Buck instead of building herself up. Why? The establishment — the TARP voting bailout kings of the Republican Party — fear a man like Ken Buck allying with Jim DeMint.Ken Buck can win if we help.



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