We Should Not Be Surprised By Barack Obama's Speech

“Mr. President, windmills will not clean up this mess and windmills will not fuel my car and get me to work. It is that simple.

While conservatives have had a marvelous time laughing at Barry O the Butt Kicker who can’t plug the darn hole, none of us should expect anything else from him.Whether conservatives, independents, and liberals want to admit it or not, the platitudes Barack Obama pronounced Tuesday night are all he can say on the subject of the oil spill. That might make your head spin to consider, but it is the God’s honest truth. He is not physically or mentally able to go beyond those words.Barack Obama, like Carter before him, has a world view that government can solve every problem. All problems are problems for government intervention.But here is a problem the government cannot solve. It will not solve it. It has not solved it. It is not going to be solved by the government. This oil leaking from the Gulf of Mexico is a problem that will be solved by a private company working in collaboration with other private companies.The government has failed the basic task of securing the border from illegal immigrants. It is failing to secure the coastline from the oil slick. Government is failing. Barack Obama believes government cannot fail. Therefore, Barack Obama is left with nothing to say except “windmills.”Government solves problems in Barack Obama’s world view. But again, here is a problem that by definition and by implementation the government is not going to solve, cure, or fix. Thus far, the government intervention has complicated the problem, delayed the fix, and exacerbated the ecological damage.A normal person might choose this as an opportunity to reconsider their world view. If this were truly on the scale of 9/11, there’d be many new conservatives with eyes now open to the incompetence of government. But Barack Obama, like Carter before him, is too wedded to government. Barack Obama posits himself as the solution to our ills. It is personal. He is the man who said that with his nomination for the Presidency, not even his election, but merely his nomination, “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”He set the bar that high himself. And that is the standard by which the public will now judge him. He, as the personal embodiment of government, has failed. If Obama were capable of honestly assessing this situation, admitting government is not going to solve the problem, and leveling with the American people, he would forthrightly tell them that, according to his advisors, the remaining options to stop the leak do not have high chances of success, and that we need to brace for the fact that the leak will likely not stop until relief wells are completed. In August. However, this statement probably did not focus group well, and so instead we get, “Let’s build some windmills!”Mr. President, windmills will not clean up this mess and windmills will not fuel my car and get me to work. It is that simple.



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