An Inconvenient Truth: Bob Bennett and Tim Bridgewater Together

Months ago I told you Bob Bennett and Tim Bridgewater were cutting a deal. I got so much blowback from so many people I actually had to remove the post from the front page of RedState. I stood by the story, but the brouhaha that resulted necessitated the post going into draft mode so we could get on with the day.


Well, I was and am right. And it is more and more clear that Tim Bridgewater is playing seriously dirty in Utah with the help of Bob Bennett cronies.

First, as I said back them, Bennett and Bridgewater struck a deal to throw support to Bridgewater should Bennett lose. Keep in mind that Bob Bennett knew before the Utah convention that he was going to lose.

Second, we have the mysterious case of a Mike Lee mail piece. The mail piece had a picture of Mike Lee over the Mormon Temple in Utah and a picture of Bob Bennett over the U.S. Capitol. The mail piece asked voters to determine which of the two better represented Utah values.

The piece clearly was designed to appear like it came from Mike Lee and was calculated to put Mike Lee in a terribly light. It came out right before the convention and had lots of people condemn Mike Lee for bringing religion into politics.

There’s only one problem — Mike Lee had nothing to do with it. And it now looks more and more like Tim Bridgewater did.

He is denying it. Of course Bridgewater is also denying he was ever a lobbyist despite filing lobbyist disclosures proving he was a lobbyist. He also is denying helping send federal tax dollars to Mexico to help build housing for the poor that apparently does not exist on behalf of a man the U.S. government won’t let in the country because of suspect drug trafficking ties. He also is denying sending U.S. tax dollars to Indonesian companies despite formerly bragging about it.

Tim BridgetoNowhereWater is lying — not misrepresenting, not distorting, just flat out lying — about his record. So it is no wonder he is lying about participating in this mail piece. More and more it looks like not only is Bridgewater connected, but so is Bob Bennett.


And the web is all connected through a guy named Tim Stewart.

Tim Stewart is a former Bob Bennett staffer. He has now aligned himself with Tim Bridgewater.

Remember again ‚ this is a key fact, the Bennett campaign knew that Bob Bennett would not make it out of the Utah GOP Convention before the mail piece was prepared and mailed. The Bennett campaign knew the race came down to Bridgewater vs. Lee as the mail piece was being plotted.

Tim Stewart, who spent seven years as a legislative aide for Bennett and now is a lobbyist and founder of the group Saddle PAC, coordinated the mailer with a pair of D.C.-area consulting firms, according to e-mails and invoices provided to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Stewart said late Monday that he wasn’t the mastermind, but instead was a go-between for a group of Utahns whom he would not identify.

“I sincerely wish that I could take credit for what may be the most brilliant and possibly the biggest single game-changing political play in Utah politics in the last 20 years. But I can’t. I am not that diabolical nor creative,” he said.

“Instead, I am just a two-bit, wannabe political consultant, contacted by some Utah folks wanting to exercise their First Amendment rights. They came up with a great idea and we found a vendor and that’s about the extent of it.”

Note that Tim Stewart, like Tim Bridgewater, is a lobbyist who stands to rake in huge dollars off Bridgewater in the same way he did with Bob Bennett.

Stewart will not say who put up the money, etc. for the mail piece, but Mike Lee‘s campaign has filed an FEC complaint. The feds will now investigate and find out. Someone may go off to jail as a result.


Mike Lee‘s campaign is also asking Tim Bridgewater to join him in demanding a full investigation. Naturally, Tim Bridgewater is remaining silent. Why? Because his campaign is culpable.

Tim Bridgewater, endorsed now by Bob Bennett, cut a deal with Bennett before the Utah Convention for Bennett to get his supporters to go with Bridgewater once Bennett dropped out. Tim Stewart, straddling both camps, designed a mail piece, targeted convention voters, and dropped it right before the convention to hurt Mike Lee.

Congressman Tom McClintock is joining Jim DeMint, FreedomWorks, RedState, and many other conservatives to support Mike Lee. He needs your help. He needs to win.

The establishment and the pocket lining lobbyist community have ganged up to take him out. We cannot let them win.


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