Tim Bridgewater: Indonesian Job Creator

Tim Bridgewater want to pretend the Utah primary is about a businessman versus a lawyer. Given Bridgewater’s track record, he’s using the term “businessman” loosely. In fact, I can’t tell that any of businesses are profitable except for the infusions of cash secured for him by Bob Bennett as earmarks.Along the way, Bridgewater has been creating jobs, just not for Utahans — for Indonesians.Bridgewater secured a federal grant for $1,000,000.00 for an Indonesian power company to study geothermal power at a place called Tangkuban Perahu.Tangkuban Perahu is a volcano in the province of West Java in Indonesia, some 9,000 miles east of Salt Lake City.Bridgewater’s Senate Financial Disclosure Report lists him as a “commissioner” of the Tangkuban Perahu Geothermal Power Company located, as you might imagine, in Indonesia. You’d think Indonesia had enough representation in Washington with Barack Obama in the White House. Kidding.Oh, and guess what company Tangkuban Perahu Geothermal Power Company hired to study geothermal power in Indonesia? Raser Technologies.Tim Bridgewater is a consultant for Raser Technologies, a company that would not exist but for Bridgewater getting Bob Bennett to send it your tax dollars.Bridgewater’s opponent, Mike Lee, is rumored to be renaming his online money bomb effort to the “Stop Bridgewater from sending our tax dollars to Indonesia Internet event spectacular.” You should contribute to it.



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