What is it About South Carolina's Male Politicians?

I realize they don’t like getting beaten by a woman and Nikki Haley is the first woman in South Carolina to get so far, but Gresham Barrett is off to a rough start in the runoff.First Barrett says character is all that counts:

“Character is not one of the things that matters,” he said. “It’s the only thing that matters.”

Then he immediately tells a lie that he has heard from no one about pulling out of the race.Then, of course, he moves right into the “I’m a Christian” rhetoric that the Bauer campaign started to try to paint Nikki Haley as something other than a Christian.Mathematically, it is possible for Barrett to win. But in reality, short of a major scandal taking out Haley, it is impossible for Barrett to win. The Republican Governors Association is already treating Haley as the winner. The rest of us should too.