Pamela Gorman and Life

I am declaring the rest of this month to be Pamela Gorman month at RedState. As we did for Nikki Haley last December, every day I intend to write a post about Pamela Gorman to make sure you know who she is and why you should support her.Pamela Gorman is the only candidate in the crowded race to replace John Shadegg in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District to have not only taken a pro-life position and been tested publicly, but she’s the only candidate to have drafted and introduced affirmative pro-life legislation and seen it pass the Arizona Legislature.It is one thing to talk the talk when campaigning for office. Not surprisingly, in a Republican primary, most of the candidates claim to be pro-life, anti-tax, fans of smaller government, gun-owners rights, and the Second Amendment. Talking the talk is very different from walking the walk. Pamela Gorman has walked the walk. And she has more than walked the walk on the pro-life issue.Abortion makes many legislators and many people uncomfortable. Many pro-life legislators would prefer avoid the issue and keep up their record while doing little actual work to advance a culture of life.That is simply not good enough. Not in this solidly Republican district. If we are able to elect Republicans in swing districts, some of those Republicans are going to be moderate or liberal Republicans with whom we disagree on many important issues.This district is not one of those districts. It is imperative that in solidly Republican districts, we elect solid conservative Republicans. Pamela Gorman is the only candidate in this race who has actually written, introduced and passed pro-life legislation through the legislature (fetal pain bill vetoed by then-Governor Napolitano).The national pro-abortion movement is doing everything they possibly can to get a pro-abortion candidate elected to fill this solidly Republican seat. They’re counting on us to be divided. They are holding fundraisers across the country to support the one pro-abortion Republican candidate in the race. It is their hope that they catch pro-lifers sleeping.We can’t let that happen.Support Pamela Gorman. If you want to mail a check, you can make the check payable to “Pamela Gorman for Congress” and send it to Pamela Gorman for Congress, P.O. Box 75341, Phoenix, AZ 85087. That’s number one.



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