Screw the Gulf Coast. White House Staff Plays Beer Pong & Water Guns

Had Bush administration staffers been caught out on the Sunday after Katrina playing beer pong, reporters would be demanding to know first why they weren’t in church and second how was it responsible to be out playing beer pong instead of bunkered down at the White House trying to solve the problem.Luckily for White House spokesman Tommy Vietor and Barack Obama’s speechwriter Jon Favreau, the press would never dare hold them to the same standard. We, however, can and we can ask why an impromptu game of Sunday beer pong instead of being at work.Now, we know they don’t care anyway. Every state affected by the BP oil spill voted for John McCain save Florida, so screw them. Besides, aren’t Obama staffers allowed impromptu games of beer pong? Answer: yes, they are not Bush staffers.But then there is the senior staff. Shouldn’t they be working on the BP oil spill? Maybe their water gun fight on the South Lawn was some super secret strategery to deal with the effects of the oil.I mean, surely someone is working in the White House to solve this mess unless . . . unless . . . they really don’t care. After all, not to repeat myself, none of the states affected are going to go their way in 2012 anyway and none of them did in 2008 and they still won.So screw them. I guess — just like Nashville, a subject Barack Obama never addressed after its horrific floods.



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