The "W" word and the South Carolina Strategy

I got a lot of flack for stringing the media along last week Will Folks style. Even some good friends thought I was grasping at straws and my case for pointing the finger at Andre Bauer was too nebulous.Guess what? Following up on Moe, Andre Bauer fired his campaign consultant Larry Marchant yesterday. Why? Well, let’s back up.Will Folks and Larry Marchant are connected and both are connected to Andre Bauer. Will Folks shops around a story that he and Nikki Haley had an affair.For a week he dribbles out inconclusive proof of nothing more than what appeared to be an employer-employee relationship — something that in fact existed.At the end of the week? Nothing. Not even the alleged picture which may or may not be a picture of Nikki Haley’s car parked in front of his house wherein he had his office in which he worked as Nikki Haley’s speechwriter.Come this week, nothing.Enter, stage sewer, Larry Marchant. He tries to get a newspaper to run a story that he too slept with Nikki Haley. The media does not take the bite. Andre Bauer fires him.But in Andre Bauer’s statement, he says something curious — something revealing.Bauer says, according to the press “he had become aware of a situation several days ago, and reached the conclusion that decisive action was dictated.”I wonder what happened several days ago that caused him to become aware of the situation. Hmmmmm . . . .As Nikki Haley notes, Bauer only fired Marchant after the press refused to pick up the story.Thus we see Andre Bauer’s entire campaign strategy — ignore the issues, ignore the experience, and go straight to calling Nikki Haley a whore. I really and truly hope South Carolina voters will not reward the man for something so disgusting. As a take away, watch the tape and note how Andre Bauer refuses to make eye contact with anybody. Not even the camera.



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