Will Folks Denies It

Will Folks is denying he got paid.Hahahahaha.He says that the text messages he leaked to prove that the Haley campaign knew about the “inappropriate physical relationship” are not now proof of the relationship, but proof that he tried to stop the story from being revealed.More likely, the text messages are proof that Will Folks is trying to drag other people into the story, get blame cast at other campaigns, and perpetuate the story.By the way, Will Folks is also dribbling out his phone records to prove the relationship. The phone records prove he talked to Nikki Haley a lot when he was on Nikki Haley’s payroll as a speechwriter.Let’s see the proof. Get it over with. Let her family, one way or the other, have some respite.No, not Will Folks. Screw the rest of Nikki Haley’s family. It’s all about him now.Tune in tomorrow for names.



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