Lynching Nikki Haley

“They’ve strung up Nikki Haley — skipping the issues, skipping the ethics, skipping experience, and going straight to calling her a whore. But they’ve shown nothing.”

It was Clarence Thomas who talked about the high tech lynching the left put him through during his confirmation battle. The left went straight for the pubic hair on the coke can — forget everything about his qualifications, intelligence, or jurisprudence. He had to be stopped.

Down in South Carolina we are seeing another one. Pulling the noose ever tighter, stringing everyone along, the good old boys in South Carolina don’t want the uppity Indian lady becoming Governor because she’s made life too miserable for them.

So we’re having a high tech lynching with Will Folk’s pulling the noose. The media is playing along because they love the spectacle of lynchings, even when they say they don’t. It’s payback time and a ratings bonanza all rolled into one.

There’s no evidence. Will Folks says he has it. Of course he said he wasn’t going to say any more about it and now he won’t shut the hell up. He dribbled out some text messages that prove nothing other than that there is a rumor and Nikki Haley’s campaign staff was intent on minimizing any damage Folks could do.

Will Folks gets higher traffic to his website. The media is making him a wealthier person. More traffic to his site means more ad revenue. And the lynching continues. Let’s not even get into the question of whether he is being paid by another campaign to pursue this.

It’s time to call the bluff. They’ve strung up Nikki Haley — skipping the issues, skipping the ethics, skipping experience, and going straight to calling her a whore. But they’ve shown nothing.


Meanwhile the allies of Henry McMasters, Gresham Barrett (who has multiple campaign staffers clearly involved in this sordid mess), and Andre Bauer are cheering on this lynching — grand masters of the farce with not one bit of Southern charm or chivalry to say any of this goes too far. They want to see the Indian lady taken down. You know what the sad thing is? Even if Folks has evidence, even if we find out that after a week of slowly stringing up Nikki Haley and distracting the campaign this clearly disturbed individual is telling the truth, Haley is still a better candidate and leader than any of the rest.

So the radioactive Will Folks, who lied to the campaign about his intentions, lied to us in saying he would only make one statement, and lied to Haley in his own text messages, needs to stop lying and produce the evidence. Do that, or shut the hell up. The spectacle of going straight for the whore attack may be the only way to shut down Nikki Haley’s campaign momentum, but let’s do as Folks’s said he was going to do — put the chips on the table and be done with it.

In the meantime, why talk issues and qualifications when the press can swing her from the ink stained pages of what used to be a tree.


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