Bill Connor: Lt. Governor for South Carolina

Truth be told, I’ve wanted to be delicate in other South Carolina races because I haven’t wanted people to think my candidates are somehow Nikki Haley’s candidates too. They most certainly are not, but I know some people may think otherwise.


There are, however, a couple of other races in South Carolina that are on my radar. One is the Lt. Governor’s race and Bill Connor.

I rarely dabble in Lt. Governor races, but I had been thinking that should Nikki Haley become Governor of South Carolina, hopefully she will not be cursed with a snake in the grass Lt. Governor like Mark Sanford has had.

Of all the candidates in the race for Lt. Governor, the one who has stood out for me as different from the establishment has been Bill Connor. I actually knew very little about him for the longest time, but it turns out he is actually a very good friend of one of my best friends — the guy you can directly blame for me leaving my law practice to do RedState full time. Bill Connor and this friend of mine were at the Citadel together and my friend asked me to take a look. I like what I saw.

Connor is a veteran and recipient of a Bronze Star after serving in Afghanistan. Like Nikki Haley, he describes himself as a conservative before he is a Republican.

Were I in South Carolina, I’d certainly be supporting Bill Connor for Lt. Governor.


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