Fiorina Allies and the Los Angeles Times Try to Dick Blumenthal Chuck DeVore

Today in California, we’re seeing how desperate the NRSC’s handpicked candidate, Carly Fiorina, really is.Despite massive monetary advantages in her campaign, mostly thanks to writing herself checks and getting the blessing from the NRSC’s Rob Jesmer and his ilk, she still performs worse than Chuck DeVore against Barbara Boxer, and she’s lost the momentum in the race.So in a last ditch effort to win, her allies are using the Richard Blumenthal story to try to create a blatantly false perception of Chuck DeVore.Carly’s official campaign Twitter account complained just the other day about DeVore’s status as a “military reservist.” I’ve already told you about that. Now the stakes are higher, thanks to a Los Angeles Times story which paints DeVore as participating in what Larry Sabato, a political observer whose views I usually respect, calls “resume enhancement.”Chuck DeVore enlisted in 1983 in the US Army. He got through college on a ROTC scholarship. He has served in the National Guard and now is still a commissioned officer in the Reserves. He has never claimed — NEVER — to be someone who has experienced combat in the line of duty.The Los Angeles Times is claiming, and Fiorina’s allies are piling on, with the contention that because DeVore mentioned being shot at in Lebanon, he was somehow claiming to have seen combat.Of course, Chuck DeVore has proof — he has the audio tape of himself, for crying out loud! — being shot at in Lebanon. He has the transcript of his debates and interviews which show that he wasn’t even connecting this experience with his military service, just his knowledge of the Middle East. Then there is this press report from the time which tracks with all of Chuck DeVore’s statements. This proof doesn’t matter to the people involved — people who in most cases don’t know the first thing about the military OR the Middle East, let alone that at 180 meters, anybody’s in range for an AK-47 hit (had it been China, Fiorina might know something about it, considering all the jobs she sent there from California).This is ludicrous. What’s more, it is obscene. And everyone who is making that claim should be ashamed of themselves. Chuck DeVore was shot at in Lebanon. The press and Fiorina allies really don’t like that fact for some reason. It happened nonetheless.But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about the NRSC and its establishment cronies over the past year, it’s this: they have no principles, they have no class, and they have no shame.



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