Carly Fiorina Publicly Attacks a Military Reservist

It is one thing to have no shame and quite another to have no class. Carly Fiorina apparently has neither.Just a short time ago, Carly was going around making some truly disparaging remarks about Sarah Palin, but she sure was willing and quick to embrace Palin’s endorsement. No shame.Now she is out attacking a military reservist, disparaging his service.See, in California people get to put a descriptor on their ballot line item describing who they are. Carly put “business executive”, even though she hasn’t been one since 2005. She really does not want Chuck DeVore to have “military reservist” on his line.Fiorina’s campaign, when contacted, said DeVore is not a military reservist. Have they even bothered checking up on DeVore? If they had, not only would they realize they were disparaging Chuck DeVore’s service to his country, but they would hopefully recognize just how petty it is to bicker over a title.If Fiorina were playing by her own standard for DeVore, she would not be able to put “business executive” down for herself. She’d need something like . . . say . . . “Fired Hewlett Packard CEO” or “California to China Job Exporter”.Let’s review DeVore’s record. According to DeVore’s campaign, “he holds a Reserve commission in the United States Army as a Lieutenant Colonel.”More from the campaign on the specific qualifications is below the fold.


Chuck DeVore enlisted in the United States Army in 1983, and was commissioned an officer in 1986 after working his way through college on an ROTC scholarship. He has served in our nation’s armed forces for 27 years. His service record includes:

  • Service in the OPFOR at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA, during the 1991 Gulf War.
  • Deployment during the 1992 Los Angeles riots, where he came under fire.
  • Commanding the Headquarters and Headquarters Battery of the 640th Military Intelligence Battalion of the CA Army National Guard.
  • Service as the state J-1 for the California National Guard.

Chuck DeVore was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 2006, with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger pinning on his rank. In 2007, DeVore transferred from the National Guard to the U.S. Army Reserve: instead of seeking discharge or resigning, as were his options, he elected to become a retired reservist. This means he is still a commissioned officer in the Reserves, and eligible for callup should the nation need him: in other words, a “Military Reservist.” Chuck DeVore’s dedicated service has earned his candidacy the endorsement of the California Republican Veterans of America.

No class, Carly. No class.


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