Cherilyn Eagar Digs In and Backtracks

The Cherilyn Eagar campaign posted a statement about Ms. Eagar’s meeting with Tim Bridgewater back on May 12th.I guess she knew where this was headed. Read her statement. The relevant part is here:


Mr. Bridgewater offered me the role of an unpaid spokeswoman, and I was honored at his confidence in me. It was a compliment to our campaign. In an earlier meeting with a Bridgewater supporter, some future fundraising help was offered should I run again. I would carry any debt I might hold from the U.S. Senate campaign. I did not feel this was an inappropriate gesture. Mr. Bridgewater never raised this issue himself, and he has told me he was not aware of it.

Now, let’s go back to the audio of the radio interview in question. It starts with Eagar saying this:”My husband said you know Cherilyn you’re either going to be the winner or the king maker and I said I’d rather be the winner. I don’t know if I want to be the kingmaker.”Okay, now let’s go to the end of the interview. The host asks of Bridgewater, “But did he offer to [the host pauses and changes it to the affirmative] he offered to pay your campaign debts.”Eagar responds, “Yes.” She goes on to say, “But again, in an appropriate way. It was in no way any sort of a bribe. It was just very cordial — a very kind thing for him to be concerned about.“Look, I get that Cherilyn Eagar did not think and does not characterize it as a bribe.She took it as “a very kind thing for him to be concerned about.”It sure as heck was a very kind thing of him to be concerned about — and for Bridgewater it meant getting Eagar’s support. Eagar is now saying it was actually a campaign staffer and Bridgewater had no knowledge of it. Let’s clear that up: the radio host asked specifically about Bridgewater, not a staffer.Based on the interview, Cherilyn Eagar certainly at the relevant time must have thought the offer was made at Bridgewater’s behalf. And really, who would have thought otherwise.If I am ignoring facts, Eagar/Bridgewater supporters are ignoring reality.



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