On the Road with Nikki Haley & Sarah Palin


Big thanks to Lake Crazy for the awesome pictures of the event. I was not exactly in a position to take any.I went over yesterday to South Carolina and introduced Nikki Haley at her rally with Sarah Palin. It was a terrific experience. Sarah Palin really is a terrific lady. So too is South Carolina’s next Governor, Nikki Haley.Friends, we have a lot at stake in this nation. A lot of people seem to want to make it the Republican version of the”Year of the Woman.” Others want to make it the “Year of the Conservative.” I’ve got a problem with both.The first is inserting gender over principles. The second is just used by Republicans like pretty much anyone in the South calls themselves a Christian without actually being one. For me, this is the year of the Freedom Fighter — one last stand to try to get real freedom fighters elected.As I said in introducing Nikki Haley, she is a winner. Freedom wins with Nikki Haley.She’s being outspent in South Carolina and her poll numbers are still going up. Let’s give her some money and see what happens. I’m in for another $100.00. What about you? Consider it an investment in freedom. Join Sarah Palin and me and let’s get Nikki Haley elected.



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