Let's Burn Kris Kobach at the Stake

This is getting hypocritically ridiculous.You probably don’t know who Kris Kobach is, but you need to. Kobach is a law professor at the University of Missouri and helped put together Arizona’s immigration law. You know that law right? The one a majority of Americans agree with? Well, to heck with tenure, folks are out to get Kobach.


Chris Salazar, UMKC alum, said, “As an individual, I’m very alarmed, as an alumnus of this institution, about that type of issue’s impact on the community.”Floretino Camacho’s concern is whether Kobach is teaching the law or his own views on the law.UMKC has issued a statement that said that Kobach’s involvement in the law is not work done on the behalf of the university.Kobach told KMBC, “It is disturbing when some groups think a professor should be disciplined or lose his job because he is a conservative, or believes that immigration laws should be enforced.”

This Camancho fellow can’t be all that bright if he made it through law school and came away thinking there was only one side to an argument. What are they teaching at Missouri?In any event, the University of Missouri says it will defend Kobach’s academic freedom. Something tells me if Kris Koback were not running for Kansas Secretary of State this would not be an issue. I bet this is the first Republican the law professors at UM have ever really wanted to get elected, if only so he’d get out of their hair.


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