It Was Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell is finally endorsing Trey Grayson in Kentucky after working behind the scenes for months with Grayson’s campaign.Grayson’s campaign has all the hallmarks of a McConnell Senate campaign effort, i.e. it is losing. Both times McConnell led the Senate Republicans’ election efforts, they lost seats.But it gets more interesting.As news of McConnell’s endorsement percolates this morning in Kentucky, we now know which Senior Republican lied to James Dobson to persuade Dobson to endorse Trey Grayson over Rand Paul.The misleader?Mitch McConnell.McConnell has been playing favorites in the race behind the scenes. He drove Jim Bunning out of the Senate by orchestrating a media campaign that Bunning was giving up. Now he wants him some Trey Grayson. Why?Grayson will be a yes man and an automatic vote for McConnell. Grayson will not stand in the way of Mitch’s desire to pilfer the budget. What is hilarious is McConnell saying Grayson will help him stand up to Obama’s big spending ways — this from a man who ran his entire re-election campaign on how much blood he could bleed from the federal budget turnip for Kentucky at everyone else’s expense.Nice. Real nice. Lying to James Dobson is the American protestant equivalent of lying to the Pope. McConnell needs to be rebuked for that.



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