Meehan ADMITS He Shoved McCormack

Well well. After the media carrying Martha Coakley‘s water for an entire day, claiming that report John McCormack tripped instead of, as McCormack claimed, being shoved to the grown by Coakley aide Michael Meehan, Meehan has now issued an apology for shoving McCormack.


Yet again we have the bulk of the mainstream media carrying a Democrat’s water and buying wholesale their spin.

Will the AP and Boston Globe now run front page stories about the shove or is shoving not as big a story as a reporter tripping and falling?

By the way, Michael Meehan has been nominated by Obama to sit on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Will the press tolerate a man who assails members of the press sitting on the Broadcast Board of Governors?

Probably. The reporter wasn’t on the press’s team.


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