Barney Frank Staffer Goes to Goldman

We should not be surprised.

Goldman Sachs’ new top lobbyist was recently the top staffer to Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., on the House Financial Services Committee chaired by Frank. Michael Paese, a registered lobbyist for the Securities Industries and Financial Markets Association since he left Frank’s committee in September, will join Goldman as director of government affairs, a role held last year by former Tom Daschle intimate, Mark Patterson, now the chief of staff at the Treasury Department.


The incestuous relationship between Goldman Sachs and government is as bipartisan as it is seedy, but it is particularly noxious that GS would hire the former staffer of a man committed to destroying the free market.

I wonder if, like General Electric, Goldman has decided if it whores itself enough to the Democrats, the Democrats might keep it in bed with them.


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