The Five Tasks Redux - It's What's for Lunch

Promoted from the diaries by Caleb

Diners at the RedState Gathering’s Saturday lunch (and it was a fine one) were treated to LaborUnionReport’s presentation on The Concord Project and a presentation on PROCINCT for those activists who intend to take a walk in the sunshine sometime before election day (or even after).



It felt weird as hell clicking ‘Play’ before the audience on a video that starred…. me.  But as many of us have been learning – that the most valuable posts are the ones we hesitate the most to click ‘Publish’ on – the videos we hesitate the most to make can be the most valuable to others.

I almost didn’t make this video because I couldn’t find a cameraman and someone to stand in front of the camera.  The people who came up to me afterwards made the counter-point clearly: that’s the point – you just go ahead and make it, then publish it.  It’s a grassroots effort.

People are charmed more by the fact that you just got it done than they are by Hollywood production values.

As a matter of fact,  perfect production values may make the message a little suspect sometimes.  If you’ve ever said, “someone should make a video…” … well, it’s on you now.  Get it done.  Publish it.  Share it.

So what are The Five Tasks?  In order.

There will be a test.

Flying back from Austin, I read most of Erick’s book Red State Uprising and finished it relaxing at home.  Unlike many books written by the familiar talking heads and radio personalities, Erick actually gives solutions in his book, and gives examples of recent successes (such as CW’s in Maricopa County, AZ).  That is what makes Erick’s book different and brilliant: his personal journey and his observations of the journeys of many at inform his writing.


No other writer has the ‘laboratory’ that Erick possesses to discover what actually works in changing our government and thus taking back our country.  Get his book and read it.

I can’t close without disclosing what a powerful experience the RedState Gathering was for me.  Of course, there was the chance to put the names and handles with faces, and to renew acquaintences, but it was so much more than that.  The folks who actually produce the gathering, Caleb Howe foremost among them, hold the event in such a high place that the quality of the event was continuously manifest.  Quality ingredients, quality product.

The people at – all of them – obviously care a lot without making a big deal about it.

They’ve obviously read their Sun Tzu.


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