US Postal Worker Seen Tossing Campaign Mailers Into Dumpster; And We Should Trust Them With Ballots?

(Christopher Jensen via AP)
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In this Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016 photo provided by Christopher Jensen, rubber stamps and ink pads rest on a counter in the post office in Bethlehem, N.H., where patrons can mark their cards and packages with a two-inch-square wooded scene that says “Bethlehem, New Hampshire.” The tiny town in the White Mountains is one of the of post offices in the United States with Christmas or holiday-themed names. (Christopher Jensen via AP)


Ft. Bend County (Texas) Sheriff and Republican candidate for Congress Troy Nehls received a phone call from people who heard a noise and saw a U.S. postal worker walking away from a dumpster. The postal worker drove away. When the people looked into the dumpster, they saw a stack of Nehls’ campaign mailers on top. 

I am not a lawyer, but if I recall correctly, tampering with the mail is a federal crime.

A large photo of a person in a jail cell is shown on the U.S. Post Office’s website, with the caption, “Tampering with mail will get you a new home, new friends and a new job.”

Interfering with an election is also a crime (18 U.S. Code § 595. Interference by administrative employees of Federal, State, or Territorial Governments).

Over and above tampering with the mail and interfering with an election is the statement this makes about mail-in voting. This video of a postal worker taking it upon himself or herself to throw the campaign material of a candidate they oppose into a dumpster just reinforces the case against it. Mail-in voting provides tremendous leeway for fraud. What if this individual had tossed a stack of ballots into the dumpster rather than campaign material? And what if this particular election had been close? A postal worker could, in effect, decide an election.


Democrats have used the current COVID crisis to push for mail-in voting. They do so knowing the opportunity it provides to influence the vote. Never forget the phrase commonly associated with the left, “by any means necessary.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton warns that mail-in voting is an “open invitation for voter fraud.”

Earlier this month, Fitton testified before the House Judiciary Committee about protecting the right to vote.

The American people see what they conclude are disingenuous fights over electoral procedures and lose faith in the honesty of our elections. With this background in mind I turn to measures proposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the more common suggestions now is to require greater reliance on mail-in ballots. For example, last month Governor Newsom issued an executive order requiring that county elections officials transmit mail ballots to every registered voter in the State. I view this as a real threat to the integrity of American elections.

it is now about five months until election day, and the pandemic’s infection curve has flattened. Insisting now on all-mail ballot elections seems less like a response to a health crisis and more like a partisan application of the immortal words of Rahm Emanuel: ‘Never allow a good crisis to go to waste.’


He is not overstating the case. We’ve all seen recounts on the news. All of the sudden, a new stack of uncounted absentee ballots is discovered, and they always seem to come from left-leaning counties. Miraculously, once they’re counted, the winner is usually the Democrat.

I hope to God that Republicans are working to minimize the impact of voter fraud, but I rarely hear much about it. In my opinion, undetected voter fraud could sway the election.




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