Here's Why Joe Scarborough and James Carville Think Trump May Drop Out of the Race

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The Democrats are using the current polls, which strongly favor former Vice President Joe Biden at the moment, to gaslight the American people. They’re already projecting confidence that Sleepy Joe will prevail in November.


Political consultant James Carville and MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough have taken the new Democratic narrative even further. They believe that once President Trump grasps how badly he will lose to Biden, rather than face the humiliation, he might drop out of the race in August.

On Thursday, Carville spoke to MSNBC’s Brian Williams about Trump’s chances of reelection. He told Williams that Trump “has lost control over everything.” Carville says he receives 15 calls a day about new private polls and “You can see [sic] the fear in the voice of these Republican politicians.” The President has “zero” chance of winning in November. Carville continued:

I think there is a better chance Donald Trump does not run for re-election, than he is reelected.

Somebody’s going to have to go tell this guy, ‘Look, you just can’t risk the humiliating defeat that’s going to come your way.’

Jared, or somebody, is gonna have to sit down and have a real, like, talk, a real man-to-man, a come-to-Jesus as people used to say, I don’t know what it is. That is, that which can’t continue will not.

The next day, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” team discussed the new Fox polls. Donny Deutsch brought up something Joe Scarborough had said the previous week about “somebody who said a high-level insider [sic] the White House…He thinks there’s a chance that you know, August, he’s way behind, that Trump drops the mic and says I’m not doing this anymore. I don’t think that’s gonna happen, but you start to look at all these breadcrumbs he’s leaving behind…”


Scarborough responds, “He’s bleeding in the polls at a precipitous rate. He knows and his campaign knows and Republican Senators know…what to do if they want to stop the precipitous slide in the polls…This looks like a deliberate attempt to drive his campaign into the ground every day. He knows what he’s doing…”

Mika Brzezinski chimes in, “He doesn’t want four more years. You can tell by his behavior…he also doesn’t like losing.”

Scarborough tells the group that a source from Trump’s inner circle “has told me for three years that Donald Trump fears losing a lot more than he cares about winning. And this person had said that if it became obvious to him that he was going to lose, he would do an LBJ and get out of the race…” He continues:

[The president is] not only “acting like he doesn’t want to get re-elected, he’s acting like he really wants to lose badly and take the Republican Party down with him.

You look at every single move he’s making. And it keeps happening every day. This looks like a deliberate attempt to drive his campaign into the ground every day. He knows what he’s doing is going to lower the poll numbers, and they are. They are collapsing every day…

This is not a guy who is acting like he expects to be around on January 21st, 2021, in the White House. And he’s acting like he’s setting everything on fire before he leaves…

He’s known when to leave the stage before…I would not be surprised if he left the stage again.


In this way, Scarborough said, people could only judge Trump politically for achieving one of the greatest “political upsets of all time” rather than the “incumbent who suffered an especially humiliating loss.”

Scarborough stressed several times that he was the one saying this. “Don’t think it’ll happen, but it’s a possibility.”

I don’t think it will happen either Joe.

So, why did he say it? Why did Carville bring it up the night before?

Yes, at this moment in time, the polls look very bad for President Trump. I discussed this in a previous post.

The Democrats are trying to establish a new storyline which is that Biden’s victory is assured. President Trump will not only lose, but Biden will blow the doors off. The damage is done and there’s nothing Trump can do in the next four months to help himself.

This is all too familiar to us. I recall the Trump/Russian collusion narrative starting with similar innuendoes.

By the spring of 2016, it was looking like Trump would win the Republican presidential nomination.

In late April 2016, the DNC noticed unusual network activity and called in CrowdStrike. They were told they’d been hacked by Russians and their emails had been leaked to Wikileaks. The DNC refused to let the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security conduct forensic examinations of their server.

After the emails were released the weekend before the Democratic Convention, Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook told reporters, “some experts are now telling us that this was done by the Russians for the purpose of helping Donald Trump.”


Democratic lawmakers and the media ran with this narrative.

And now Carville and Scarborough, acting as if Trump’s humiliating defeat is a foregone conclusion, are planting the seeds for the next scene of the play. Carville through a hunch and Scarborough from his secret source inside the President’s inner circle, are hinting that things are looking so bad that Trump might leave the race to save face.

Soon it will be echoed by others in the media and it will take on a life of its own. If enough people believe it, perhaps donations to the Trump campaign will decline. It might even keep Trump supporters from voting, because why bother if he’s going to lose anyway. The deep state has done this same thing so many times. It’s called gaslighting.

Let’s not get fooled again.


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