Journalist Says Don't Sweat the New Polls, 'Democrats have gone stark raving baying-at-the-moon bats**t crazy'

Journalist Says Don't Sweat the New Polls, 'Democrats have gone stark raving baying-at-the-moon bats**t crazy'
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The Fox News polling results released on Thursday created quite a stir on both sides of the aisle. The survey showed President Trump substantially trailing former Vice President Joe Biden both nationally and in critical battleground states. Worse still, the findings added credence to other recent polls which showed Biden with a comfortable lead over the President. Republican pundits have been dispensing advice to Team Trump on ways to turn it around. He needs to provide a detailed agenda for his second term, he needs to draw a distinction between himself and Biden. And finally, he needs to point out Biden’s weaknesses. So far, the President has done a great job with the latter.

Biden supporters, forgetting that polls are constantly changing, have declared Biden the winner and some are wondering if Trump will exit the race early to avoid a humiliating defeat.

Conservative Brian Cates, a longtime writer for the Epoch Times, wrote a fact-filled, and reassuring, Twitter thread, pointing out some realities that may have been overlooked. It’s lengthy, but I highly recommend giving it a read.

Cates starts with rumors that the Democrats will replace Biden after he receives the party’s nomination in August. Cates reminds us that Trump’s campaign has been setting up their ground game for the past two years. The Biden campaign is still working on theirs. A new nominee would never be able to prepare for the race in two months. It would mean certain defeat. He writes:

It’d be like a 100 yard dash race where one competitor waited until the OTHER GUY was 2/3rds of the way to the finish line before leaving his mark. Trump had FULL TEAMS GEARED UP AND ON THE GROUND in those TWO YEARS AGO. Biden is still staffing.

He writes that the overreach of Democratic governors and mayors will hurt them in November. Democrats, said Cates, ‘have gone stark raving baying-at-the-moon bats**t crazy.”

These Dem govs & mayors literally locked down their citizens for months, sent cops to arrest people running on the beach, shut down the churches, etc.

And then they turned around and ENDORSED MASS PROTESTS AND RIOTING.

There will be **consequences** for this.

Contrary to what one may believe, he says that “THE DEMOCRATIC BASE IS NOT GROWING. It’s been SHRINKING for 5 years now. And the shrinking has SPED up over the past 2 years.”

Read the whole thread:

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