After Being UNFAIRLY Stopped by D.C. Police From Toppling Andrew Jackson Statue, Female Rioters Go Berserk

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik


‘It’s just really unfair when you put all that effort into pulling down a statue of President Andrew Jackson and the cops stop you.’

Townhall reporter Julio Rosas watched the drama unfold on Monday night in Washington, D.C’s Lafayette Park.

The first clip shows the scene after police had dispersed the mob with pepper spray.

In the second video, Rosas recorded two extremely angry young women who were shrieking at the police officers. The critical part of her diatribe was muffled. They were clearly upset over not being able to finish pulling down the Andrew Jackson statue and one of them seemed to like the f-word a lot!

The most noteworthy takeaway is just how brazen the rioters are. They’ve been stopped by the police in the act of destroying public property, which is illegal, and instead of being placed under arrest, they are acting like petulant children.

It is their constitutional right to protest peacefully. It is not their right to deface property that doesn’t belong to them.

And one wonders why these women haven’t been arrested. One of them is clearly out of control.

Everyone seems to be afraid to mistreat them. And the police, the government, the powers that be, really need to move past that and start arresting these people. Because those who wantonly try to destroy property are criminals.

Fox News‘ Greg Gutfeld makes a similar point in the tweet below.