[Watch] The Orange Peel She Wore as a Face Mask Was the LEAST of this CHAZ Protestor's Issues

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren


The age of outrage.

A small crowd had gathered to hear a street preacher in Seattle on Tuesday. Suddenly, a young woman from CHAD/CHOP appears to steal the show. She is wearing an orange peel as a face mask.

The problem with using an orange peel as a face mask is that it makes speech difficult, forcing its wearer to use their body to convey their emotions. As in a game of charades.

Clutching the orange peel to her face, this obviously angry woman performs a pair of what appear to be round house kicks (if I recall correctly from my karate days). She pauses, moves her head back so the orange peel will remain attached to her face, freeing her hand to give the preacher a heartfelt middle finger.

Once she’s gotten that out of her system, she stomps off. But alas, out of the corner of her eye, she spots someone recording her with their cell phone. She abruptly moves toward the camera and is last seen delivering a punch to this individual.

Future Seattle Mayor maybe?