A Call for the Redistribution of Wealth Inside the Emerging Nation of CHAZ?

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American flag stolen in the CHAZ


A protester inside the land of CHAZ picked up a microphone on Saturday to urge each of their “white allies” present to give $10 to any African-American person in the group. His tone was authoritative, but it was also derisive.


The unidentified man said, “I want you to find by the time you leave this autonomous zone, I want you to give $10 to one African-American person from this autonomous zone.”

The speaker, who was not black, continued, “If you find that’s difficult, if you find it’s hard for you to give $10 to people of color, to black people especially, you have to think really critically about, in the future, are you gonna actually give up power and land and capital when you have it?”

“If you have a hard time giving $10, you got to think, are you really down with this struggle, are you really down with the movement?”

“Because if that is a challenge for you, then I’m unsure if you’re in the right place.”

Applause is heard from the crowd.

“The white people,” he continued, “I see you, I see every single one of you and I remember your faces. You find that African-American person and you give them $10…”

If any of the white members of the group are starting to feel a bit like useful idiots by now, they can’t be blamed.

They’ve been taken for a ride. These people are not their friends. The folks of Black Lives Matter don’t even try to hide it. They aren’t interested in equality with whites. They want superiority over them.


This message couldn’t have been any clearer than it was on Friday as the group began their Black Lives Matter Seattle March of Silence. The organizers of the event segregated the participants by race and placed their “white allies” in the sixth group out of a total of seven. The “march order” can be viewed here. Blacks came first, followed by people of color – Asian-Americans and Hispanics – and finally their “white allies.” The seventh group were those on bikes.



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