Hypocrisy: #BlackLivesMatter Organizers Segregate Participants in Seattle March by Race

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An estimated 60,000 protestors participated in Friday’s Black Lives Matter Silent March in Seattle. Participants gathered in Seattle’s Judkins Park midday and were literally given their “marching orders.”


The organizers reminded everyone to respect the “line-up” which they had determined in advance. This can be viewed on the group’s website.

March Order:

We ask that all march participants respect the following order of procession. We want ensure this is a Black led march, but we encourage everyone to march with their family and loved ones.

Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County
Black youth
Black community
People of Color
Elected and appointed officials, political candidates
White allies

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the “March Order” is segregated by race: Blacks first, followed by people of color — Asian-Americans and Hispanics — and finally their “white allies.” Well, at least whites came before “bikes.”

Now, if Black Lives Matter’s goal is to seek equality, which they claim, the separation of participants by race strikes me as more than a little hypocritical.

In fact, it’s racist.

It seems to me that the organization’s objective is not equality, but something else. Are they not looking for equal treatment, but special treatment?

According to their website, their primary demand to the city, county, and state is that “racism be declared a public health crisis in Washington state.” If this is true, why do they begin by segregation?


BLM also demand cuts of at least $100 million from the Seattle Police Department’s budget, the closure of the new youth detention center in King County, and the end of cash bail statewide (because it’s worked out so well for New York).

A detailed list of demands can be viewed here.

Take, for example, education. The group demands the dismantling of the school to prison pipeline and demands that a new capital gains tax be imposed by 2021 to fully fund education. Look, the problem with education isn’t funding. Some of the poorest cities in the U.S. spend the most money on a per-child basis.

In fact, according to a Fox News report, “Baltimore City Schools is now the third most-funded school system among the 100 largest in America, according to the U.S. Census for 2019.” The problem lies with the predominantly Democratic leadership of most major cities, and many of the administrators of educational programs are black. This group also opposes school choice. Yet the majority of blacks continue to vote for Democrats.

They don’t realize they hold the key to solutions to these issues. Blacks are already positioned in many state and local governments to effect the change they seek. And, if they would only exert the same amount of effort into finding solutions to their problems that they put into activism and agitation, conditions would vastly improve for them. But it’s so much easier to blame whites for their circumstances.


It may surprise blacks to know that many whites face the same or similar problems as they do. But they refuse to see their challenges as anything other than white oppression — which is racial stereotyping.

Political analyst Shelby Steele, who is black, grew up during the civil rights era in the 1960s. He provided some unique insight into America’s current racial problems in a recent interview with Mark Levin. I posted about this here.

He spoke of the current protests. “So, what is this really all about?” Steele thinks it’s about power and, “in order to pursue power, as they do, you have to have victims.”

The death of George Floyd, he told Levin, “generates such excitement among this crowd and validates their argument that America is a wretched country. It feeds this old model of operation that we’ve developed, that America is guilty of racism…and has been for four centuries and minorities are victims who are entitled.” Steele continued:

And so, when people start to talk about systemic racism built into the system, what they’re really doing is expanding their territory of entitlement. We want more. We want more…Society is responsible for us because racism is so systemic.

Well, that’s a corruption. And I know it’s a corruption. Because the truth of the matter is that blacks have never been less oppressed than they are today. Opportunity is around every corner.


Why don’t blacks see that opportunity and grasp it? Because Democrats have been telling them they are oppressed for decades and that, as long as they keep voting for Democrats, they will be given everything they need.

Here’s what Michelle Obama told 2020 graduates last weekend. Not only have we had to deal with the pandemic, she said:

But also by the rumbling of the age-old fault lines that our country was built on. The lines of race and power that are once again so nakedly exposed for all of us to grapple with.
What’s happening now is the direct result of decades of prejudice and inequality.

The truth is, when it comes to all those tidy stories of hard work and self-determination that we like to tell ourselves about America, the reality is a lot more complicated than that. Because for too many people in this country no matter how hard they work, there are structural barriers working against them that just make the road longer and rockier.

Why did she tell them they’re oppressed? She had the opportunity at that moment to empower them — to encourage them to seek the “opportunity that is around every corner.” Many blacks have found success in today’s America. That would have been a lot more empowering than telling them to go out and protest.

Mrs. Obama’s advice to graduates was to mobilize and become community organizers to bring radical change following the death of George Floyd.


She resurrected the tired old myth that no matter how hard they work, they won’t get ahead. ‘So, we need to make our voices heard and demand more entitlements.’

This only serves to perpetuate the “systemic racism” in America today.

Okay, BLM demands that “racism be declared a public health crisis in Washington state.” Hell, let’s declare racism to be a health crisis throughout the country.

That would mean BLM can’t segregate by race at their protests. It would also mean that they take more responsibility for their own lives.

But it might just mean they would have to settle for equality, when what they’re really after is superiority and all of the entitlements that go along with it.



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