The NY Times Takes Heat From AOC, Liberals Over Front Page Headline About Trump's Response to the 'Chaos'

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AOC wasn’t so happy with The New York Times’ front-page headline about President Trump’s response to the riots. Why, you ask?  Because it was uncharacteristically reasonable, a rarity for the paper of record.

The headline reads, “As Chaos Spreads, Trump Vows to ‘End It Now.” President Trump told reporters he might use military force because governors and mayors are failing to stop the riots that have swept across the country for the past week.

The Democrats, who support the vandalism, the arson and the destruction of U.S. cities and empathize with the feelings of the “peaceful protestors,” immediately let their disapproval of this headline be known.

AOC let Jolly know exactly what she thought of it: “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

And she wasn’t alone. Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) replied, “The New York Times headline writers are going to Both Sides the country to death.”

Rep. Julián Castro (D-TX) wrote,  “The President is acting like a budding dictator. Headline fail, @nytimes.”

Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden weighed in as well. “This is a terrible headline. The Times is erasing the reason for the protest. This is exactly what Trump wants. To erase the treatment of Black Americans as the rationale for opposition. Shame on The New York Times,” she wrote.


Wonderboy Ben Rhodes, a former Obama adviser who naturally became an MSNBC contributor noted, “If the New York Times thinks this accurately describes what happened today, I have no idea what country they’ve been living in – they should just let Trump write their headlines.”

The Nation’s sports editor Dave Zirin “You done f—ed up this headline.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Will Bunch chimed in as well. “Hey, @nytimes this looks like authoritarian state media. Try again for the second edition!”

And former Baltimore Sun correspondent Michael Dresser offered his opinion as well, “NYT editor Dean Bacquet is a disgrace to journalism and ought to be fired. Bacquet is a disgrace. He consistently panders to Trump. He didn’t write the headline but set the tone where that government organ headline could be written.”

Dean Bacquet consistently panders to Trump? Right.

As Steven Crowder points out, “Nothing drives a leftist nuts more than a factual headline.”

I’m taking bets. Who thinks The Times will change the headline?

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