'This Man Is My Father,' Dr. Marc Siegel Talks Hydroxychloroquine With Tucker Carlson

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This Monday, April 6, 2020, photo shows an arrangement of Hydroxychloroquine pills in Las Vegas. President Donald Trump and his administration are keeping up their out-sized promotion of the anti-malaria drug not yet officially approved for fighting the new coronavirus, but scientists say more testing is needed before it’s proven safe and effective against COVID-19. (AP Photo/John Locher)



As the left continued to vilify President Trump for touting the use of hydroxychloroquine, Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel sat down with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night to discuss use of the drug with COVID-19 patients.

There’s a study out of France right now, small, that shows in combination with that antibiotic that was mentioned [azithromycin], it decreases the amount of circulating virus…

Also, it’s been shown to decrease the kind of inflammation that leads to the kind of inflammatory pneumonias that we’re actually seeing…

Now, there’s clinical trials emerging. In Rutgers, at NYU, at Penn. There’s one coming out in China right now, preliminary, in 62 patients that appears to show that it decreases severity early in the game, before you end up hospitalized, before you end up on a ventilator. So, if you’re a doctor and you take into account the side effects here and there are some, you may decide that it’s well worth it for particular patients.

Tucker, I want to tell you about a 96-year-old man in Florida who said one night, I don’t think I’m going to make it, I feel very weak. The end is coming. I’m coughing, I’m short of breath, I can’t get up from the couch.

The next day, he was on hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics per his cardiologist, he got up the next day, he was fine. This man is my father, Tucker.


We keep on hearing testimonials about hydroxychloroquine, a drug that’s been prescribed for over 60 years. Some, including Democratic state representative Karen Whitsett of Detroit, Michigan, credit this drug for saving their lives. I am currently awaiting results of a test for COVID-19. If it’s positive, you can bet I’ll be asking for hydroxychloroquine.

I am sure if one of the naysayers or someone they loved tested positive and their condition began to deteriorate, they would try it. The only reason for their opposition to it is because President Trump is for it.

It’s not a miracle drug. It was given to a friend of mine’s father who was on a ventilator, and unfortunately, it didn’t save him. But it has helped a large number of patients, especially if taken early on.

If the FDA thought it was dangerous, they wouldn’t have approved it for compassionate use.

We’re in this fight now and we have to try everything we can to win. As one doctor said recently, “We don’t have the luxury of time.”



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