Here's How Eric Holder Helped the Obama Administration Transform the Democratic Party into a Party of Thugs

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Former US President Barack Obama attends a town hall meeting at the ‘European School For Management And Technology’ (ESMT) in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, April 6, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)



Nancy Pelosi sat before a group of Northwestern University students on Monday morning and said, “Civilization as we know it is at stake.” No, she wasn’t talking about the coronavirus, she was talking about if President Trump wins the election. This is the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives explaining the constitution to young, impressionable minds.

How did we get to the point where Democrats would send spies into their opponents political campaign, fabricate a scandal to prevent him from winning, and spend his entire first term trying to remove him from office?

It was during the Bush Administration that Democrats, overcome by Bush Derangement Syndrome, stopped trying to maintain the traditional veneer of civility. That turned out to be child’s play compared to what came next.

It was during the Obama Administration that civility between the two parties truly became a vestige of the past. Obama’s eight years in office fundamentally changed the order of business in Washington. It was then that the Democratic Party morphed into a party of thugs.

And it didn’t happen by accident. Their objective was to fill the government and its agencies with as many liberals as they possibly could, politicizing them. They worked toward their goal deliberately and methodically throughout Obama’s presidency. It had all begun with an agreement between Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder. (And it continued under his successor, Loretta Lynch.)


Federal law prohibited the administration from basing hiring decisions on political affiliation, but Obama, Holder and Lynch easily found ways to get around that.

In 2010, Pajamas Media filed a FOIA request to obtain the resumes of attorneys hired into the Civil Right Division of the DOJ.

Following a court battle, these records were finally released and they revealed that the “Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice was engaging in politicized hiring in the career civil service ranks” and that “it had been unprecedented in scope.”

In a special investigation series written in 2011 called “Every Single One,” Hans Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and PJ Media’s J. Christian Adams provide those resumes and so much more.

Holder’s DOJ used money from settlements received during the financial crisis, funds which had been intended to help homeowners who had suffered financially from falling real estate prices, to make donations to activist groups of their choice.

At the time of Holder’s resignation in September 2014, Spakovsky wrote:

Holder was responsible for spearheading an unprecedented politicization of the Justice Department.

In clear violation of civil service rules, Mr. Holder filled the career ranks of the Justice Department with political allies, cronies and Democratic Party donors.

He treated Congress with contempt and did everything he could to evade its oversight responsibilities by misleading, misinforming and ignoring members of Congress and its committees.

[He] corrupted the law enforcement duties of the Justice Department to carry out the political objectives of President Obama.

The many cases in which judges have accused DOJ prosecutors of engaging in prosecutorial abuse during Holder’s tenure shows, unfortunately, the extent to which this modus operandi has seeped into the lower levels of the Department.

How long it will take to repair the damage that Eric Holder has done to the management and operation of the Justice Department? There is no way to know.


By the time President Trump took office, most, if not all, of the DOJ’s employees were Democrats. Judging from their resumes, most were far-left Democrats.

If this was happening with impunity at the DOJ, we have to assume that similar hiring practices were adopted by all of the other government agencies. Conservatives need not apply. This would explain how the deep state became so entrenched and so powerful that they were able to carry out such an audacious plot against candidate and then President Trump.

Far from being a scandal-free administration as former Vice President Joe Biden has claimed on the campaign trail, it was one of the most corrupt.

How could President Trump have known any of this when he first arrived in Washington? He was surrounded by vipers from his FBI Director to the ranks of the DOJ. And they were all seeking his destruction. Initially, they were hidden, but slowly they’ve been revealed. It’s amazing to me that he was able to accomplish so much.

Now, the President’s eyes are open. He has National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien sweeping out the Obama holdovers in the National Security Council who had worked against him during his first term. Richard Grenell and Kash Patel are starting that process in the intelligence office and no doubt it’s happening in many other areas of the Trump administration.


Let’s see if we can make them cry again.



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