Breaking News: Iowa Democratic Party Chair Announces Partial Results of 2020 Caucuses


All eyes turned to Iowa at 8 pm on Monday night. Tucker Carlson said several times that the results of the 2020 Democratic caucuses would be released momentarily. His program ended and Sean Hannity assured us that an announcement was imminent. Needless to say, the results came in nearly 24 hours later.


Troy Price, the Chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party, held a 5 pm press conference to announce the preliminary results. Price began with an apology for Monday night’s maelstrom. He said, “I apologize deeply for this” and that it was “simply unacceptable.” He assured reporters that the data was “accurate.”

These results reflect data from only 62% of the precincts.

The winner was Pete Buttigieg 26.9%, just as he told his supporters early today.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose internal polling showed him leading the pack, came in second with 25.1%.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren finished with 18.3% and former Vice President Joe Biden took fourth place with 15.6%.

Analysis and commentary will follow.


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