Awesome! Most Iranian Students Refuse to Step on U.S. or Israeli Flags As Protests Continue; Trump Warns Mullahs Not to Kill Protestors

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Mass protests have continued in Iran for a second day. Iranian journalist Heshmat Alavi has several videos he would like “certain DC politicians & MSM who glorify Soleimani & describe him as a “popular general,” a “divine” figure, and a “national war hero,” [to see]. Watch how people in #Iran tear apart a poster of his image along with the regime’s dictator @khamenei_ir.”


Below, Alavi reports something extraordinarily heartening. At a crowded quad at Beheshti University located in Tehran, someone has spread out a large U.S. flag next to a large Israeli flag. Contrary to what Democrats would have us believe, most of the students go out of their way to avoid stepping on the flags.

Alavi, who has tweeted video of the scene below, asks Washington politicians and mainstream media, who have taken the side of the terrorists in the killing of Soleimani, why most of the students refuse to disrespect either flag.

In Alavi’s second video, several students are shown walking over the flags and those on the sidelines are booing and chanting “Shame on you.”

In Alavi’s videos below, students at Iran’s Damghan University call on Ayatollah Khamenei to resign and Beheshti students shout that the IRGC is “their” ISIS. Alavi notes that, “The Iranian people know the Mullah’s regime and its oppressive security forces are their enemy.”


A second Iranian journalist, M. Hanif Jazayeri, based in London, posts additional videos of the protests below. He notes that these videos were made available to him by members of MEK, the Mujahedin e-Khalq, which is currently Iran’s largest opposition group with approximately 3,400 members. Based in rural Albania, MEK has been “preparing for the overthrow of the clerical regime for several years.” (I posted about this group here.)

President Trump is clearly watching these protests closely. This morning, he called upon the regime not to kill their protestors. He warns that the world is watching.


Since the killing of Soleimani on January 3, as I posted earlier, Iran has been thrust onto the world stage. I wrote:

All of this may present a dilemma for Democrats who will find themselves torn between their newfound support for the clerical regime’s leaders and their ability to recognize the suffering these “sympathetic” figures have inflicted on the Iranian people.

The left has overwhelmingly condemned President Trump’s decision to kill terrorist Qassem Soleimani. Unanimously, Democrats claim that he had no right to order the strike. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself said that killing Soleimani would be like killing the second most important person in the USA.

The same ruthless men whom the Democrats have legitimized over the last week murdered 1,500 (according to Reuters) of their own citizens during the November protests. And refused to release the bodies of the dead unless the families promised not to hold funerals. And shut down the internet for five days afterward.

The Iranian people, who live the reality of the mullahs’ cruelty and repression every day, are growing restless. After new protests broke out on Saturday night, President Trump tweeted (in Farsi) a message of encouragement and support to the protestors. According to The Washington Examiner, it was the “most liked Persian tweet’ in the history of Twitter.

His message read: “To the brave and suffering Iranian people: I have stood with you since the beginning of my presidency and my government will continue to stand with you. We are following your protests closely. Your courage is inspiring,”


The encouragement of the US President is important to the protestors. Life in Iran may have been completely different today if President Obama had supported the Iranian protestors in 2009.

Is this for real? What will Iran’s leaders do? All eyes are on the country today, an unusual situation for Iran to be sure. After 40 years of clerical rule, young Iranians are calling out for change. Is this the start of a new revolution? Or will it be crushed? We’ll have to keep watching.


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