Rudy Giuliani Reveals New Information in Interview with Dan Bongino; Regarding the Bidens: 'To me, it's a racketeering case, a RICO case'

Nope, Not Gonna Do It

Nope, Not Gonna Do It


Rudy Giuliani reveals information I’ve never heard before about the Bidens’ foreign business dealings, Ukraine’s involvement in the 2016 election and the activities of former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and Donald Trump victim, Marie Yovanovitch.


The two covered everything from the amazing transformation of New York City during his years as mayor in the 1990s and his heroic leadership in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks, to the U.S. strike on Soleimani and the financial adventures of the Biden family in Ukraine and other foreign countries. I’m going to focus on the later topics in this post.

They spoke of Qasem Soleimani as a transformative figure whose absence will leave a vacuum. Giuliani said, “You lose somebody like this, he can’t be replaced right away. If Hitler had been taken out in the early years, I wonder if anybody else could have put together Nazi Germany.”

Bongino added, “The operational knowledge contained in his head was devastating and unquestionably would have led to the deaths of thousands if not tens of thousands more.”

They discussed the protests of the Iranian people in the streets and both agreed that sooner or later, the regime is going to fall.

Regarding the IG report, Giuliani thought it was good, but doesn’t believe Horowitz reached the right conclusions. “I do not understand how you can engage in that kind of conduct and not have the intent to harm the election, not have demonstrated prejudice and bias…what they were saying is, ‘We hate Trump. We want to destroy Trump. We want him from becoming the President, if he becomes President, we want to take him out as President.’ They lied. They cheated.”


Giuliani said he helped start up the FISA Court with Joe DiGenova and they treated it as a sacred duty, pointing out that, with a FISA warrant, “there’s no defense attorney on the other side asking questions…When Comey said it wasn’t verified, I thought, hey jackass, it wasn’t verified because you didn’t verify it.”

They talked about the few items in the Steele Dossier that could have been verified, such as Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s fictitious trip to Prague or that a certain transaction took place at the consulate in Miami, only there is no consulate in Miami.

Giuliani wonders what ever happened to “reckless regard for the truth. Comey knew exactly what he was doing and he lied…And it would be a shame if he got away with it…And we should actually expect a little bit more verification when we’re dealing with a presidential candidate.”

Regarding the black ledger which was leaked in August 2016 and resulted in the immediate resignation of Paul Manafort as Trump’s campaign manager, Giuliani said, “I have two witnesses who say, the guy who leaked it said, “We’re gonna now destroy [Trump].” They thought they were going to take him out. They thought when they put out the ledger of Manafort getting the bribes, that that was gonna end Trump’s campaign.” He continued:

The Ukrainians didn’t do it on their own. The Ukrainians were asked to do that by members of Obama’s staff and a member of Biden’s staff. It was done in the White House on a specific date in January. There were two witnesses to that. There’s another witness who met with Chalupa who works for the Democratic Nation Committee. He said give me all the dirt you can get me on Trump, Trump, Jr., and Manafort. She said. ‘I’m getting plenty and I’m turning it over to Isikoff. We have a text explaining to her boss, the comm’s director at the DNC…I could have given this to a first-year prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s office and they’d come back with convictions on every count.


Bongino asks, “Isn’t this the very definition of collusion? Operators who had worked with the DNC in coordination with the prior presidential administration working with representatives of a foreign government and asking them to impact the election? What am I missing?”

What you’re missing is a press that has corrupted things so badly that our law enforcement systems at the very top are afraid of being criticized Dan. They’re afraid that if they take on this Biden case, they’re going to be criticized.

Biden’s bribery case is as clear as the nose on your face. I’ve prosecuted many bribery cases. It’s hard for me to think of one with stronger evidence. You’ve got a confession. You’ve got four witnesses. You’ve got documents. You’ve got money laundering up the you know what, that you can trace in a minute. I mean I swear to God, I could prosecute this with my eyes closed.

This whole scheme was put together by [Mykola] Zlochevsky [founder of Burisma], who thought he was going to lose his company because he’s a big crook. He stole $5 billion. He hears that Biden’s going to be the point man for Ukraine, Biden’s gonna give out all the money, he’s gonna be more powerful than the President. He hires Biden, not Biden’s son. He hires Joe, to protect him. To protect his business. And when it has to be protected, Joe comes through. That is exactly what happened…

How much money did they make in Ukraine? In Ukraine, they made $8 million. And it may get up to $15 million when they’re finished. In China, James Biden [Joe Biden’s brother], who never built a house in his life, was put into a half billion dollar housing deal in Iraq. And the kid who got thrown out of the military for failing drug tests, and bankrupted a company, became partners with The Bank of China. Then Joe blew his negotiations.

The constants here are: Joe becomes point man.  Joe fails in his mission to the U.S. In Iraq, he can’t get a status of forces agreement. In Ukraine, he can’t do a damn thing about corruption except contribute to it…But in each case, the Biden crime family made millions and millions of dollars. To me, it’s a racketeering case, a RICO case.


Giuliani describes questionable business deals involving James Biden (Joe’s brother) that go back to 1973, shortly after Biden wins his Senate seat. He talks about Hunter Biden’s first sweetheart job with MBNA Bank, and a private equity fund set up by James Biden and Hunter Biden where the two are telling people that ‘Joe is going to get all the business for us.’

Which brings us to Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, who we learned was recommended to Obama by George Soros, “like a lot of them were.” Giuliani continues:

Soros had deep hooks into that embassy including George Kent. She basically ran it like an outpost of the Democratic National Committee. During the election, the joke in the Ukraine was that it was a Hillary Clinton campaign office. It was her [Yovanovitch] embassy that was deeply involved in gathering the dirt and passing it off to the DNC, including the alleged black ledger, which turns out by the way to be a fraud, a proven fraud. It’s not only evidence that was passed on, it was fraudulent evidence. She also prevailed upon the new prosecutor, the Biden selected prosecutor, to dismiss the case on Soros NGO that was involved in gathering the collusive material and the primary actor, a man named Leshchenko, the man who publicized the black ledger, to hurt Trump. She got that case dismissed. So, she interfered and corrupted the prosecutor’s office.

And then, she kept denying Visas to all these witnesses including Mr. Shokin, who wanted to come to the United States to give this information to the U.S. Attorney’s office and the Attorney General’s office. They didn’t trust the FBI because they believed that an FBI agent named Greenway, who is now working for Soros, wss corrupt. They believed that she was corrupt. They finally hired a lawyer (inaudible) SDNY and presented these facts, and they ignored it.


Giuliani has been called a conspiracy theorist by many. I completely disagree with that characterization. Because although quite a few of the details we just heard are new, everything Giuliani just said fits in seamlessly with the reporting that investigative journalist John Solomon and Bongino himself have done. It also fits into the work of Peter Schweizer, who has followed the Biden money trail.



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