Comedy Gold: Maxine Waters Falls for Russian Radio Host's Latest Prank, Faster Than You Could Say 'Naked Trump'


Russian radio hosts, Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vovan) and Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus), the same pranksters who had Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) believing they had “kompromat” or “pictures of naked Trump,” chose Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) as their next target.


Vovan and Lexus pretend they have launched a new international project called “Stars Save the Earth” and plan to call on “celebrities and politicians in order to find a solution together and save our planet.” They tell their audience their first “hero” will be Congresswoman Maxine Waters, whom they plan to speak with about her environmental initiatives, impeachment and the fictitious island of “Chunga Changa.”

They manage to get Waters on the phone and tell her they are Greta Thunberg and her father. They say they are calling from a meeting at a climate strike in North Carolina where they’re trying to help save Chunga Changa.

Waters sounds genuinely excited that Thunberg has reached out to her and compliments “Greta” warmly on her accomplishments telling her, “I am very proud of the work you are doing.”

“Greta” asks Maxine if she can put her on Speakerphone so she can offer words of support to the group.

Maxine repeats the name of the island, which is unfamiliar to her and asks, “That island is particularly threatened?”

Waters speaks glowingly to the “audience” of Thunberg’s efforts and asks for them to support Greta in her efforts to save the island of Chunga Changa. When she is finished, she is greeted with “applause.”


When the conversation goes back to the three of them, “Greta’s father” says, “I want to tell you something confidential about the meeting with Greta and Trump in the UN climate meeting.”

Waters ears perk up.

Greta says she wants to share it with Waters. She starts crying. “I’m terrified about what Trump is doing. I even can’t sleep or eat when I see him on TV…It was really terrible meeting in the building with him. I had nightmares afterwards…I saw him in the hallway. I shouted at him ‘Sign the Paris climate agreement again’…He said, ‘Listen carefully little girl, you will never achieve your goals.’

Waters is falling for it hook, line and sinker.

Greta’s father brings up the impeachment trial. “He [Trump] say to her. ‘I’ll tell you the truth. I really pushed on Ukrainian president and you know that you will never achieve your goals like those professional fools who accuse me. You will be on trial like my competitor.'”

Waters is stunned, “Oh my God, he mentioned Ukrainian president?”

The father tells Maxine that “Greta always carries a tape recorder in her pocket to record her performances and those words got on the record.”


Just like Adam Schiff when he heard the words “naked Trump,” Waters lights up.

She asks, “Are you going to be in Washington anytime soon? I want to meet with you.”

The father says, “I think if it’s possible, Greta will make a speech in Congress, if you will need it.”

You better believe she does!

Waters tells him, “Oh, yes, absolutely, I am still working, we are working very hard, we’re putting together the facts, and we’re going after him. We’re going to try everything that we have to impeach him, yes. And if the public knew that he talked to Greta like that, that he made her cry and told her she will never achieve, this will go against him too.”

They discuss arrangements to meet in Washington the next week.

Ah, Maxine! They got you good!


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