After Joy Reid Calls U.S. Embassy Attack "Trump's Benghazi," Ted Cruz, Don Jr, Others Pounce

Joy Reid attends Politicon at The Pasadena Convention Center on Sunday, Aug. 30, 2017, in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP)


After supporters of Iranian-backed militia stormed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday, MSNBC host Joy Reid joined many on the left in calling the attack “Trump’s Benghazi.” This on top of leaping to the (wrong) conclusion the day before that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had appeared on Russian television, and tweeting a sharp rebuke she was later forced to delete, was a bit much.


Yes, Reid received a whole lot of incoming over her ill-advised tweet. One of the best responses was “Trump sent Marines. Obama went to bed.” Another wrote, “He went to a fundraiser instead of sending support” which was a reference to the fundraiser in Las Vegas Obama jetted off to the next day.

The actions, or rather the inaction, of the Obama administration as the attacks in Benghazi were unfolding and in their aftermath was shameful. If I recall correctly, Obama and Hillary even took out ads in middle eastern newspapers denouncing the anti-Muslim internet video they were trying to blame for the attacks.

Trump, on the other hand, sensing danger before the attack, evacuated non-essential personnel from the embassy. Upon learning of the attack, he immediately engaged. He deployed 100 marines and two AH-64 helicopters to protect the embassy. And no lives were lost. There is no comparison.

Among the many who called Reid out over this tweet was Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). He wrote, “What’s wrong with you? Is partisan hatred really that deep? We root for American soldiers, not against them.”


That had to hurt, because it’s the truth. No, Senator, the left doesn’t root for American soldiers. They don’t even root for America. Many of them hate America.

The Joy Reids of the world would have been pleased if the attack had led to the deaths of Americans, because then it could be used as a weapon against the President.

Reid’s remark didn’t sit well with Donald Trump, Jr. either.

Joy Reid has a very truthful, powerful, quote on her twitter page. It says, “Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.” It was written by American novelist, playwright, and activist James Baldwin in the mid-20th century. His biography says he “believed that love and respect could eliminate the race tension in the American society and create equality for all Americans.”


It occurred to me that the ideology of the 21st century left is barely recognizable from that of their predecessors whom they quote so lovingly. Forget love and respect. They come at the right with hatred and hostility. They don’t want equality with us. They want power over us. Baldwin would be horrified by the modern Democratic Party.


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