Matt Gaetz: 'Andy and I Observed Active Threats on the House Floor,' Vote for Impeachment or Lose Support of DCCC

Your move Nancy


Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Andy Biggs (R-AZ) joined guest host Gregg Jarrett on “Hannity” last night. Jarrett began with a discussion of Nancy Pelosi’s ill-advised decision to go along with impeachment  Jarrett asked, “Have they created a political quicksand and now they’ve stepped right into it?”


Biggs replied that “Pelosi’s instincts were correct about a year ago, and the Venezuelan side of the Democratic Party in Congress said ‘No, we’ve got to have it.’ She had to cut a deal to become Speaker because it was such a close race. She has taken the bull by the horns and it looks like she’s about to get gored because of it. The reality is this has been a huge mistake by the Democrats.”

Jarrett asked if some of the Democrats were angry about what Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler have done.

“I think so,” answered Biggs. “I think some of them are. Some of them I’ve talked to quietly on the side want this to go away. They wish it had never happened. But Nancy Pelosi’s got them, because she raises money for them.”

Gaetz chimed in. “It’s not just that Nancy Pelosi raises money for her political caucus, it’s that Nancy Pelosi uses that money as a political weapon against anyone who would potentially vote against impeachment. Andy and I observed active threats on the House floor that if the Blue Dog Democrats did not go along with the radical left of the Democratic Party and support impeachment, that they would not be supported by the DCCC. (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)”


“So that’s the active threat?” asked Jarrett.

“That’s the quid pro quo!” Gaetz replied…”The only quid pro quo that I observed in this impeachment process is the quid pro quo where if the Democrats did not line up behind Nancy Pelosi as lemmings ready to go off the cliff, that they would then be bludgeoned by their own party in the primaries.”

Jarrett speculated that Pelosi’s reason for holding on to the articles of impeachment is that “she’d like to prolong this impeachment and hang it over his [Trump’s] head. But if it’s not working for her and it’s having the opposite effect, doesn’t she want to walk that over, run it over to the U.S. Senate and get it over with?” Gaetz responded:

I don’t always agree with Mitch McConnell, but I think he made a valid point. You don’t gain much leverage in threatening to withhold something that the Senate does not want. And as Andy pointed out, you’ve got a lot of these members from districts that were won by Donald Trump who will vote for impeachment but who want it through the legislative digestive system as fast as possible.

If you’re one of the 2020 Democrats running for President, this has now become all-consuming. The election would be a referendum on impeachment and right now, it would be an election that the President would overwhelmingly win in the electoral college.


As I wrote in a recent post, for a woman who has become known for her keen political instincts, Pelosi seems to be playing her hand foolishly. It’s pretty clear that impeachment was not her choice, but as she tries to steer her ship out of this storm she and the Democrats created, she’s making one mistake on top of another. I don’t see this ending well for the Democratic Party.

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