The Worst of MSNBC in 2019, Watch it if You Can

The Washington Free Beacon has released their seventh annual edition of the worst of MSNBC over the last year.

This supercut begins and ends with the famous clip of President Eric Swalwell, as it should, making a decidedly unpresidential sound on live TV. Although the network tried to make us believe that a mug had moved roughly across a desk, you can’t fool us.


Yes, it’s a real trip down memory lane.

After Trump denied he was an asset of Russia, Scarborough is heard saying, “But is he an asset?” His wife Mika is heard saying “100%.” Scarborough settles the question once and for all. “100% he might be.” 100%, he might be? Is it just me?

An unidentified male points out that Jeffrey Epstein died while in the custody of the Trump administration, then says, “In some ways, they facilitated Mr. Epstein’s suicide.”

One clip brings us back to the weekend over the summer when America experienced two mass shootings. You may recall Trump made the decision to fly flags at half-staff until August 8th. One of the network’s best and brightest explains the significance of the date, 8/8, in the world of white supremacy. How had we missed that?

It must have been tough for the Free Beacon to limit this video to three minutes.



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