Trump Campaign Releases Stats from Michigan Rally; He Continues to Draw Large Numbers of Democrats

 President Donald Trump gestures as he speaks at his Black Voices for Trump rally Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)


President Donald Trump points to the crowd as he leaves the stage at the end of a campaign rally Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, in Cape Girardeau, Mo. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)



It is remarkable that President Trump draws such large numbers of Democrats to his rallies. Brad Parscale, the manager of the Trump campaign, is very data driven and following most rallies, he reports statistics about the attendees.

While Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff were busy impeaching the President on Wednesday, several thousand Michigan Democrats were attending Trump’s rally in Battle Creek. Parscale reports that 17% of those who showed up for Trump were Democrats. That number is actually down slightly from his average Democratic presence per rally of 23%, but in a state as blue as Michigan, it’s phenomenal.

Polling data leading up to the election showed Trump behind Clinton in Michigan by 5-7 points. He wound up winning the state by 10,704 votes out of a total of 4,548,382 cast, a paper thin margin of .23%. However, to give you an idea of how blue the state is, Michigan’s 16 electoral votes have gone to the Democrat in the previous seven presidential elections. In 2012, Obama defeated Romney by a 9.5% margin.

Parscale also reported that 15% have not voted in the last four elections and 15% have voted in only one of the last four elections. People who haven’t bothered to vote in years are now showing up at Trump rallies.


I have included Parscale’s reports from three previous rallies in Florida, Mississippi and Texas. In Florida, 24% of attendees were Democrats, 27% Hispanic and 19% had voted once or less in the last four elections (8% hadn’t voted in any of the last four).

At Trump’s early November rally held in Mississippi, 27% were Democrats, 20% were Blacks and 24% had voted once or less in the last four elections (12% hadn’t voted in any of the last four).

And finally, the data for an October rally in Texas states that 21.4% were Democrats, 11% Latino and 12% had not voted in any of the last four elections.

Impressive numbers.



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