Tom Nichols Makes an Absurd Observation About 'Speech Patterns and Accents of Trump Defenders', Jennifer Rubin Compounds It

Democratic Donkey by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Democratic Donkey by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Author, professor and rabid Never-Trumper Tom Nichols has been very outspoken lately. Today, while listening to the impeachment debate on his radio, rather than watching it on TV,  he noticed that it “really brings out the similar speech patterns and accents of the Trump defenders. Make of that what you will. Seems to me the GOP is headed for becoming a rump regional party of the South and the mountains.”


How flattering! I never noticed it myself.

As if Nichols’ remark wasn’t ludicrous enough, creepy Jennifer Rubin hopped on board the train and took it a little further. She added, “and the non-college educated.”

Wow. Well there you have it. It’s remarkable to me that liberal elites consider themselves to be smarter, more savvy and better educated than conservatives. If they’re so smart, why are the majority of them happy to follow the leader. We’ve all seen the video montages. I often wonder if the Democratic talking points are decided upon in Washington, then sent out to all the media outlets. Because before you know it, every anchor throughout the liberal media is regurgitating the same things, often right down to a word – like bombshell or game changer.

Just for laughs, I poked around the internet to see what’s been written about the differences between liberals and conservatives. I came across a study in a liberal magazine which was kind of insulting to conservatives. It said:

It is increasingly clear that one reason liberals and conservatives hold such divergent beliefs is the fact our brains process information differently. Conservatives are more attuned to potential threats; liberals are more open to different experiences. The difference is clear enough that, in a 2014 study, researchers could accurately predict political orientation by looking at a person’s brain scan.

But you don’t need an MRI machine to find empirical evidence of our different ways of thinking. All you have to do is check out our choice of words.

In a recently published study, a research team led by psychologist Michael Robinson of North Dakota State University reports liberals’ language tends to emphasize mental concepts, while conservatives use more references to the body.



As they suspected, texts from the liberal sites had terminology that was relatively more mentally focused rather than bodily focused, while the opposite was true of stories from conservative sites.

“Liberals may spontaneously focus on mental operations to a greater extent than conservatives, and conservatives may spontaneously focus on bodily operations to a greater extent than liberals.”

Their analysis aligns nicely with the aforementioned brain study, which found conservatives’ gray matter responding far more strongly to images that evoke disgust, “particularly ones that served as reminders of our animal nature.” This heightened attention to the body turns up — presumably unconsciously — in the written words conservatives use.

It’s abundantly clear that liberals believe they are smarter than conservatives. I’m not actually glad I looked. It was difficult to find any conservative research available on the topic. I think it’s because  conservatives know this is %$*&#%$&. Do you?


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