Paul Sperry: ‘We Are Witnessing Tyranny in Slow Motion’



Investigative reporter Paul Sperry was spot-on in his characterization of the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry report released on Tuesday. In one of a series of Twitter posts, he writes that “We are witnessing tyranny in slow motion.” He is correct. Some of us once thought that the travesty which has unfolded over the last three years could never happen in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. We were mistaken. (Sperry, you may recall, outed the whistleblower responsible for the current assault against President Trump in a detailed report released, appropriately, on Halloween.)




Many of the reader responses to Sperry’s thread call for Republicans to act. Although Republicans have been fighting against this injustice for three years, perhaps we aren’t fighting dirty enough. Because we’re letting corrupt men like Adam Schiff call all the shots.

It is surreal that a U.S. President is being impeached and has been denied legal representation at the hearings, the right to call witnesses, and the right to confront his accuser. Those all used to be basic constitutional rights for all American citizens.

Our patience with the process and our proclivity to obey the law even in the face of an enemy who is willing to “do whatever it takes” to win has handicapped us. It’s time to release the shackles, jump into the trenches and fight.

I just posted on a piece written by Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell in which he calls upon Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham for some action. Farrell calls for indictments and trials.


It’s no longer enough to hear that Durham’s inquiry has morphed into a criminal investigation. We need to see Hillary accused of mishandling classified information and destroying evidence or John Brennan accused of perjury. We also need to see an end to the daily persecution of the President and all who support him. If the Democrats win this one, America, as we’ve known her, will be a memory.


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