Supremely Stupid Defense of Starbucks Barista Who Wrote 'PIG' on Police Chief's Order Goes Viral on Social Media

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When Police Chief Johnny O’Mara picked up his order at a Glenpool, Oklahoma Starbucks store on Thanksgiving Day, he noticed the word “PIG” had been printed on the label. After O’Mara reported the incident, the barista responsible for typing the insult into his order was fired, as she should have been.


Upon hearing the employee had been fired, twitter user “Tesla killdozer @argument winner,” whose profile photo shows either him or someone else made up to resemble a vampire, tweeted: “starbucks has a profanity filter in place to prevent things like this from happening. the only way for the name “pig” to show up on a cup is for the customer to set that as their own name in the mobile order app. in other words, the pig cops faked this for a bullshit sob story.”

As of 10 am, his post has received over 429,000 likes and 90,000 retweets.

Worse still, after the tweet had gone mega-viral, @argumentwinner made the following comments:

“can we get some police officer domestic violence statistics in the chat??”

“then, just want to say hello to all the zero follower accounts that have never interacted with me before coming out of the woodwork within 5 minutes of posting this to defend cops! i certainly hope your cop relatives never get hurt or maimed in the line of duty, i would be inconsolable”

Several current and former Starbucks baristas contradicted @argumentwinners defense. It was definitely the barista who typed in the word “PIG.”
“Replying to As someone who works at Starbucks that’s a cafe order meaning a barista typed in the name. But they could have told them to put pig as the name? If it was a mobile order it would say mobile but it says cafe sooooooooooo”

The most amazing thing to me about this tweet is the large number of people happy to throw cops under the bus. I hope they remember this the next time they need help from one.

Surprisingly, the New York Times wasn’t among them.



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