Deck the Halls with Mitch McConnell, Fa la la la la, la la la la; You Better Act Fast - This Offer Won't Last

Screen Shot: Team Mitch


What could be better? Team Mitch has come up with a creative – and humorous – idea to boost campaign contributions this holiday season. A donation of $25 or more will buy you one roll of limited-edition, Mitch McConnell Christmas wrapping paper. It features alternating photos of the smiling Senate Majority Leader wearing a Santa Claus hat and what else, snowflakes.


Team Mitch warns that you must act fast because this offer won’t last. Supplies are limited!

As crazy as it may seem, the reaction to this new offering has been positive, likely because it’s so outlandish. The very idea of it makes people laugh and what could be better than that?

Order yours here!

CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted a photo of the paper with the caption, “This is real.”

The reactions were awesome!

Here’s one from RedState’s very own Joe Cunningham: “send it to me Jake”

Tapper resplied: “You never used the Bill Frist wrapping paper i sent you”

Cunningham: “He wasn’t wearing a Santa hat”

Other responses via Twitchy:

“I know right!? Who wouldn’t want this is the question”


“Wait where and how did we not think of it”

“If you shake the box, you will hear one of three things: 1) A Supreme Court justice, 2) Elaine Chao, 3) Cocaine”


“I’d oddly picky about my wrapping paper, and I would 100% use this.”

“This is awesome. Thanks for sharing I’m going to order some right now.”

“Welp, in terms of judicial appointments he has been the gift that keeps on giving.”

“Mitch McConnell is the man! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!”


You’d better act fast. This offer won’t last!


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