Remember When Trump Was Ridiculed for Comments About Violence in Sweden Caused by the Huge Influx of Refugees?


In the video below from February 2017, President Trump defends his travel ban at a large rally in Florida. He tells this supporters, “You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden — Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden — they took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what’s happening in Brussels. You look at what’s happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris.”

The mainstream media had a field day with his remarks. After this clip was played on a CBS News broadcast, a rude, extremely condescending no-name anchor told viewers, “There you have it. The President referred to an attack that happened in Sweden. There’s just one problem. It never happened. There have been no attacks recently there in Sweden. It’s still unclear what the President was referring to in his remarks.”

He displayed a tweet in which Chelsea Clinton ridiculed Trump even further. She wrote, “What happened in Sweden on Friday night? Did they catch the Bowling Green Massacre perpetrators?” Continuing with his contemptuous tone of voice, he said, “That was a reference to another made up attack, one by his senior counselor Kellyanne Conway.”

The truth is that violence in Sweden has skyrocketed over the past few years and much of it can be attributed to the huge number of refugees which have flooded into the country. Gang violence has risen sharply. A Reuters article from June 2018 described conditions in the nation’s capital of Stockholm and other big cities as dangerous and indicated that dozens of Swedes had been killed in the last few years by gangs that mostly come from run-down suburbs dominated by immigrants.

The dramatic rise in the number of migrants to the country has also led to an unprecedented increase in the number of rapes. “The BBC reported that, in cases where the victim did not know the attacker, the proportion of foreign-born offenders was more than 80%.”

A shooting last weekend in Malmo which lies across the Oresund River from Copenhagen killed a 15-year-old boy and critically wounded another. “The shooting took place just minutes after an explosion in another Malmo district where a bomb set under a car detonated, destroying the vehicle and damaging other cars. Police said Monday that the blast could have been a diversion from the killing.” Bombings have increased markedly in Sweden and some of this violence has spilled over into Denmark. On Monday, convinced that the perpetrators largely come from Sweden, Denmark closed its border.

On Tuesday, Denmark announced:

They would temporarily reinstate border controls with Sweden and step up police work along the border after a series of violent crimes and explosions around Copenhagen that Danish authorities say were carried out by perpetrators from Sweden.

The checks, which start Tuesday for six months, will take place at the Oresund Bridge between Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmo and also at ferry ports.

Lene Frank of Denmark’s National Police said there will be both random and periodic checks of people crossing the border and officers will focus “particularly on cross-border crime involving explosives, weapons and drugs.”

Since February, there have been 13 blasts in Copenhagen. Authorities believe an Aug. 6 explosion at the Danish Tax Agency “was committed by criminals that had crossed the border from Sweden.”

The Danish Justice Minister, Nick Haekkerup, told the Guardian that Denmark “cannot accept serious crime flowing over the border.” He said the temporary border controls should protect Denmark against both “foreigners who do not live up to the entrance criteria and foreigners who may intend to commit serious organized crime or terror in Denmark.”

Haekkerup said, in addition to the border checks, “authorities plan to have more CCTV surveillance, more surveillance of gang members, more drones and more bomb-sniffing dogs.”

Sweden and Denmark are living the effects of excessive migration, and they are taking steps to address the serious increase in crime that goes along with it. But will America?

Rather than ridiculing the President, I suggest the left heed his advice. Open borders lead to disaster.


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