Venezuelan Immigrant Student (Who Loves America) Asks Steven Crowder 'Why Do Americans Love Socialism So Much?'

Screen shot from video:
Screen shot from video:


Conservative commentator Steven Crowder held a live “Halloween Spooktacular” at Texas A&M University last Thursday during which he interacted with students about the greatness of America. One particularly poignant exchange between a young Venezuelan immigrant, an A&M student, hit on a question many of us have asked.


The student first said, “I’d like to thank you and everybody present, because before I came to this country two years ago, everybody told me, it was like “common culture” that white people was [sic] racist, and all people with a gun was a crazy person. But I want to thank you all to prove that all that is wrong and I’m blessed to be in the best country in the world.”

The crowd loved it. There was wild applause which turned into a chant of “USA, USA.”

The student continued and said, “It was funny because I didn’t know English very well when I came, but nobody made fun of my accent…” More applause.

Crowder delivers a mini-monologue about the myth that conservatives don’t want anyone who isn’t white coming into this country because it will destroy Western culture. He notes that Americans didn’t have a problem with any immigrant group coming into this country. We didn’t lose our culture…

The only problem we have with immigration is a modern leftist philosophy that flies in the face of a melting pot, where people like yourself come in to be a part of the great experiment that is the United States of America.

That’s a new idea. A new idea that you can migrate to this country, whether legally or illegally, and not take part in the culture, not learn the language and not be an American first. And that’s why I have a real problem. I’m not as concerned with Venezuelan-Americans coming here who are anti-American. I’m more concerned about anti-American Americans who want to bring people in here who don’t like this country.

And that’s why, if you give me a choice between an angry, raspy feminist with blue hair and a pussy hat or even Elizabeth Warren and some Bangladeshi who wants to come here and open up a business, and fly the American flag and be a part of this culture, guess what? I’m picking Haji every time.


At 4:40 in the video below, the student has a question for Crowder. He says, “My only question, I have been amazed by everything in America, everything but one thing, I’m amazed and at the same time horrified, at how popular socialism has become here in America. Especially because I have seen, like, what it can do to a wonderful country and I really don’t want that to happen to America. But, my question is, why do you think it became so popular over here?”

Without missing a beat, Crowder replied, “Because they’ve never lived it.”



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