Mark Levin Torches the Democrats in Scathing Monologue Following House Vote


Radio and television host (and attorney) Mark Levin lit the Democrats on fire on Halloween night. I absolutely love this man! He is, as Sean Hannity says, the Great One.


Levin begins by demanding to know what crime has the President committed, a question that no Democrat can actually answer. They’ll point to their duty to uphold the constitution and lament our lawless President. They have no choice, they’ll quickly add. They are certainly not happy having to perform this solemn duty, you understand, but it is their duty.

They know they’re lying and everyone listening knows they’re lying, yet they don’t get called out on it because they are supported by a complicit media.

Levin clearly lays out the facts in his inimitable style, not as an apologist for President Trump, but as a lawyer.

The whistleblower’s complaint has put the spotlight on the staff of the National Security Council which seems to be filled with Obama holdovers. Levin calls it a rat’s nest. I call it a minefield.

Everywhere Trump turns, it seems, unexpected enemies lurk. The vast number of people involved in what truly has been a soft coup against the President is what’s made it so difficult to prosecute. They all have a vested interest in covering for each other.

As I see it, there are two forces that can stop it. The first would be indictments of those responsible for orchestrating this farce. We know that Durham’s investigation has turned criminal. That doesn’t just happen out of the blue. Durham’s team has clearly found evidence of a crime. But, as much faith as I have in the Durham team, weary Republicans (like me) need to see something concrete right about now.


Trump keeps getting knocked down by the Democrats. And it’s gone on for so long. He needs a win. We need a win.

The other force would be the American electorate. Trump has retained most of his support. But are there enough independents, or even moderate Democrats, who see this farce for what it is and who oppose the changes the Democrats are trying to thrust upon the country? One would think so, but until something definitive happens, until someone is actually held responsible for the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in history, we can’t be too sure.

Here is a (nearly complete) transcript of Levin’s remarks. But I recommend spending five minutes to watch the video below!

1. What exactly is the impeachable issue here? The Ukrainian President said no pressure, no quid pro quo. He didn’t even know military aid was temporarily withheld. The President has every right to temporarily withhold military aid for any damn reason he wants to and it’s been done before by other presidents. We have the phone call itself. The President declassified it. You can’t find a single tie between military aid and requests for the 2016 investigation. And even if you do, it’s perfectly legal. But there isn’t. There isn’t.

Now, you can’t ask the Ukrainian government to assist you in the 2016 criminal investigation that’s being led by your Attorney General and U.S. Attorney Durham? Of course you can – even though it might get to the bottom of the Hillary campaign and the DNC that worked with Ukraine in the Obama Administration. First, the United States is free to do that and if he did do that, good for him.


You can’t mention the Bidens? Why? Because Joe Biden is running for office for the 412th time?

Well, Mueller got assistance from 13 governments in his special counsel investigation and I don’t remember hearing a single complaint from anybody. Just because he’s running for office doesn’t mean he’s immune from investigation and the President of the United States said it as passively as possible. Meanwhile, Ukraine got the military aid and the Bidens are still running free. Now you want to talk about interfering with an election. Biden is interfering with an election. He supports impeaching the President. Doesn’t that help his election? The Democrats are interfering with an election. That’s the whole purpose of what they’re doing. They’re trying to reverse the 2016 election and influence the 2020 election. How do I know? This is the first time in American history a process like this, so bastardizing the impeachment clause, has ever been used against a president, a federal judge or any official of the United States government.

So, there’s no issue of impeachment, high crimes, misdemeanors, treason, bribery, no issue of criminality when it comes to the President, so what’s the issue?

2. We have found the rat’s nest. It’s in the National Security Council. The whistleblower, according to a number of reports as you’ve been seeing, comes from the National Security Council, an Obama holdover, a Democrat, somebody who worked with Biden, somebody who worked with Brennan. An Obama holdover who didn’t like Trump. who met with one of the active figures in the Ukraine effort to undermine the President of the U.S. in 2016. We have two others who now were hired by Schiff, Obama holdovers, who were in the National Security Council. Now they work for Schiff and how much do you want to bet one of them was the one he colluded with. And, of course, Schiff doesn’t want to know anything about it. You want to know why the President of the United States has had trouble bringing his own people into the National Security Council and getting clearances? Now you know why. Because it was a rat’s nest.


By the way, I think U.S. Attorney Durham and the Attorney General of the United States ought to have an investigation of these three National Security Council former staffers. What role, if any, did they have in the Ukraine 2016 matter interfering with the election? What role did they have pushing the Russian collusion matter? Were they leakers? I think the criminal investigation, the hell with Schiff, they ought to get into these three and find out exactly what they did and there may be more of them…

3. Adam Schiff, you are a key fact material witness. You hired those two Obama staffers. Your staffers, or one of them, met with the former National Security staffer to the President of the United States. You’re trying to protect your staffers. You’re trying to protect this phony whistleblower and you’re trying to protect the Democrats from 2016 and what they tried to do to candidate Trump. It’s all in Politico, it’s all in the New York Times even though they don’t want to admit it.

Now Donald Trump’s been investigated by the SDNY, the special counsel, multiple Congressional committees, etc…But, Joe Biden, whoa! You can’t interfere with the election. Joe Biden’s running for office again…You’re not allowed to look at Joe Biden. That’s interfering with a foreign election.


And by the way, you can’t ask foreign governments for help? Well, how do you get help in investigating somebody when the events occurred overseas. The FBI does this all the time. We investigate people for drugs, embezzlement, money laundering with the assistance of foreign governments all the time.

4. Why do the Democrats keep lying? Here’s what they passed today. 7 1/2 pages of BS.

Here’s what they did in 1998. A long discussion of the President’s rights. The President has a right to counsel, to cross examine, to have his own witnesses.

You know what they said today. The Chair of the Committee on Rules including such procedures has to allow for the participation of the President and his counsel. How do they get to participate? We don’t know. This is the biggest, disgusting scandal and it’s all on the Democratic party that has hijacked the impeachment process and our tax dollars to push the 2020 election. That’s what’s going on.

(Levin segment begins at 32:00.)





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