President Trump Trolls the Press Corps Aboard Air Force One With 'Gross' Halloween Lunch

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Halloween came early for the press corps traveling with President Trump on Monday aboard Air Force One. Was he trying to send a message to the fake news media? Was this his idea of a trick?


At any rate, journalists were stunned after being served their lunch and photos of the mystery meal went viral. ENM News reported that “No one has any idea what this “gross,” Halloween-themed Air Force One press lunch is supposed to be.”

CNN correspondent Michelle Kosinski described the meal as “a stuffed orange bell pepper carved like a spooky jack o’ lantern, with salad, tomatoes, and an unknown dish sitting in the corner of the tray.”

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft wrote that “Air Force One serves them the garbage Halloween lunch they deserve!

Mediaite reported that the meal “sparked heated debate and confusion among journalists.” They said that it was the dessert in the corner that was most concerning. “Much of the discussion centered around what was on the plate in the corner of the tray. Theories included a scone, undercooked chicken, and head cheese– a meat jelly made from the head flesh of an animal.”


Here are some of the more amusing comments from twitter users:

It’s like Trump on their plate laughing back at them!
Troll level: Galactic by now.

A fitting lunch for the cess pool… I mean “press” pool.

Better than Minnie’s chocolate pie…which is what you richly deserved.

Below is a close up of the dessert. To me, it looks like an animal’s head, with its eyes and snout pointing toward the larger plate. Echt!




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