Matt Gaetz: 'We Gotta Stop Thinking We Can Use Marquis of Queensbury Rules Against Angry Pack of Rabid Hyenas'

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL). Photo via Representative Matt Gaetz on Facebook.
Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL). Photo via Representative Matt Gaetz on Facebook.


Yesterday, I felt very discouraged over the lack of action by Republican lawmakers, particularly those in the House, to push back against the aggressive, unjust and undemocratic agenda and tactics of the Democrats. I may have spoken too soon.


As we heard, over two dozen Republican lawmakers stormed into the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) where Democrats, led by Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff, were set to interview Pentagon official Laura Cooper.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)  appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show last night and said, “We had the audacity to want to know what in the world was going on behind closed doors where Democrats have engaged in a strategy of secret interviews, selective leaks, theatrical weird performances of transcripts that never happened and then lies about whistleblowers. It’s reasonable to suggest that we would want more transparency on behalf of the people that we represent.”

Carlson asked if they had a right under Congressional rules to demand transparency.

Gaetz replied that “there are no rules, Tucker. If we had rules, Nancy Pelosi would have put this to a vote and established rules like what happened for President Clinton, like what happened for President Nixon. The Democrats want to preserve the most operational flexibility, so if they’re going to have a world with no rules, we gotta stop thinking that we can use the Marquis of Queensbury rules of engagement when we’re fighting against an angry pack of rabid hyenas. And that’s what we’re facing. And I think the President is right. As Republicans, we need to be tougher in exposing this for the kangaroo court that it is.


“Can you impeach a President without taking a vote?” asked Carlson.

He answered, “That seems to be the Democrats’ strategy…But Democrats have learned a lesson from Russia. In the Russia investigation, they did hold open hearings. We saw Robert Mueller in his failure to adequately defend his report. We saw the Corey Lewandowski hearing which was just a total disaster for Democrats. They’ve moved away from allowing Republicans to have cross examination, thorough review, check testimony against documents and timelines and they’re just trying to use the natural advantage they have with the mainstream media to have secret interviews and selective leaks. They’re trying to pollute the American electorate with these lies about the President.”

Gaetz called on Americans to contact their lawmakers. Then, he asked a rhetorical question. “Why doesn’t President Trump get the same due process from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats that Newt Gingrich and the Republicans.”

Carlson asked Gaetz how long this will go on.

“They don’t really want an extended process because they can’t withstand any review of the facts over a long period of time. I think we’re on a rocket docket to impeachment in the House. I think impeachment was a functional certainty the moment that Nancy Pelosi grabbed that gavel. Because the radical left today cannot win a fair debate or a fair election, so everything is about trying to destroy and to deplatform those who champion the America first agenda and we just got to stop reading and reacting. We’ve got to be very proactive in terms of exposing this corruption to the country.”


I applaud yesterday’s move by House Republicans. We’ve got to see much more of it. Gaetz is absolutely correct in that they had been using Marquis of Queensbury rules of engagement when in a fight against an angry pack of rabid hyenas. They’d been showing up at gun fights armed with knives. Now they realize they need to bring their guns.

House Republicans led by Jim Jordan (R-OH) are demanding to interview the whistleblower in person. I can’t imagine how it would be possible to impeach a President without the testimony of the individual who triggered it.

On Wednesday, Fox News reported the existence of a third piece of evidence that demonstrates the whistleblower’s substantial liberal bias. They don’t know what that evidence consists of yet, they just reported that it exists. The article says, “Though Fox News has learned that an additional element of possible bias was identified by the whistleblower, its nature remains unclear. Fox News has previously reported the whistleblower is a registered Democrat and had a prior work history with a senior Democrat.”

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Monday night, President Trump said the one positive thing he could say about Democrats is that they stick together and they fight. The same cannot be said about Republicans. He is so right about both of those statements.


Storming the SCIF was a good start. But Republicans need to maintain pressure on the Democrats. They must come together now and fight for the President.


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