Stunning Data from Trump's Texas Rally Shows American Voters are Smarter than Democrats Think

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally, Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019, in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally, Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019, in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


On Friday morning, Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale released some very surprising date from the Dallas, TX rally held the night before. First, their data showed that 53,985 voters had attended. The stadium had a maximum capacity of 20,000. The overflow crowd remained outside watching on a giant television screen.


Next, 12% of those who attended indicated they had not voted in the last four elections. Can you imagine if this group were to actually go to the polls next year and cast their ballot for Trump?

The third data point showed that 21.4% of attendees were Democrats. The significance of this is monumental. I wonder what the percentage of Republicans attending Democratic rallies is. I imagine it would be low to nil.

This tells us that a certain percentage of Democrats are looking at the weak field of candidates and are searching for an alternative. I would guess many of them are turned off by the party’s sharp left turn. It might surprise them to hear that not every Democrat shares their enthusiasm for a socialist America.

Rush Limbaugh discussed this data on his radio show on Friday. He said, “Folks, if this is right — if this is even close — the Democrats can’t win anything with that amount of defection, if that’s really percolating.”

Finally, Parscale finds that 11% of them were Latino. The implications of such a strong Hispanic presence lays to waste the Democratic talking point that Trump’s insistence on building a border wall and taking a tougher stand against illegal immigration is resonating. Admittedly, close to 40% of the state’s population is Hispanic compared to about 18% for the general U.S. population. Still, an 11% Hispanic turnout to a Trump rally is impressive. The Hispanic vote will have a big impact on the results in 2020.

Parscale’s comment on this data was encouraging. He wrote, “These are winning numbers that will help win #FourMoreYears for @realDonaldTrump! We continue to outperform 2016.”


I’ve watched the last two Trump rallies on television and I’ve concluded:

1. There is no way that any of the 2020 Democratic candidates could ever attract the crowd sizes that Trump regularly receives at his rallies.

2. Nor would supporters line up 24-48 hours to hear any of them speak.

3. No one in the current field could generate the level of excitement Trump creates routinely at these events.

4. President Trump connects with attendees on an emotional level.

5. Trump himself loves holding rallies and the crowd feels it, knows it.

Limbaugh can’t get over the energy of these rallies. He told listeners:

It’s just a guy at a podium and a microphone. It’s not like you’ve got Mick Jagger in there strumming and running around singing with the guitars and drums being played.

I mean, it’s just one guy, and yet this kind of charismatic excitement… I’m telling you that there isn’t anybody anywhere in the Democrat Party who could muster anything like that, and yet we are told to believe that the country hates Donald Trump. We’re told to believe the country wants Trump gone. We’re told to believe the country’s embarrassed as hell and regret really regretful of the decision they made back in 2016 — and this is a giant disconnect.


He also thinks Trump will win Texas. He said:

Now, this is Texas. I’ll tell you something about Texas. The Democrats will tell anybody who will listen that they’re gonna win Texas. They’re not gonna win Texas, but they’ve got the Drive-Bys putting it out there as a possibility. They’re doing it on the basis of a lot of people having left — a lot of liberals leaving California, a lot of liberals leaving the Northeast. And then of course the illegal aliens crossing the border. They will find a way to get them to vote. The counties all along the Texas-Mexico border are turning blue. So the Democrats in the media are out there saying, “Hey, Texas is in play.” Well, it’s not in play.

Aside from excitement, Trump offers hope, a strong economic record, a far more conservative and fair judiciary, strength against the unrelenting attacks from the left, transparency (like his tweeting or not, we know where he stands), and he acts as a bulwark against socialism.

The legacy of the current Democrats in Congress will be one of hatred, injustice, secrecy, lies, anger, bending the rules and norms to advance their toxic agenda and trying to gaslight American voters.

When asked what specifically Trump has done that rises to the level of impeachment, Democrats have little of substance to offer. The 2020 candidates were questioned about their positions on this issue at CNN’s presidential nomination debate held on Tuesday night. Sen. Kamala Harris answered,  “The reality of it is that I don’t really think this impeachment process is going to take very long, because, as a former prosecutor, I know a confession when I see it! And he did it in plain sight. He has given us the evidence, and he tried to cover it up, putting it in that special server. This will not take very long.”


Harris knows a confession when she sees it? He tried to cover it up by putting it on a special server? After two of Trump’s early conversations with world leaders were leaked to the press, he was forced to take extra precautions. She knows this, but since she can’t point to any valid reason for his impeachment, she was forced to use a debunked talking point.

Later in the debate, Harris said, “When I think about where we are right now, in 2020 I do believe justice is on the ballot.”

If justice is truly on the ballot in 2020, then Trump will win in a landslide.


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